MK2 Burn-In




I still got a thousand bucks on my musicstore account, so unfortunately i cant buy a used MKI atm :frowning:


I guess that helps a bit to prolong the display life until the burnin kicks in, but that is not really a proper screensaver.

It would be better if the screensaver moved some pixels in the screen against a black background or something.


It would be interesting to know when the screesaver kicks in…
is it minutes?
an hour?
when does elektron think that the screen starts suffering?


With oled, every second counts in a sense. It’s all about the cumulative time the pixel has been lit.

The longer a pixel in oled display has been lit, the more the pixel in question dims (as it wears out of its capability to produce light).


It’s minutes, I think. You can measure :slight_smile: Turn on your device and watch the screen :slight_smile:


I have an OT mk2 which I expect to have the same crappy oled :slight_smile:
But until now it has no screensaver…
So i cannot measure this right now…


Yes, and brightness matters too. The iPhone X screens are OLED. If they’re engineered properly, they’ll last a loooong time. My old Roland R-09 has an OLED screen and it’s fine after many years. There are lots of factors to consider :slight_smile:

Are you having a problem with your OTmkII screen too, @lemons?


Oh right, sorry :smiley: Well my feeling (I haven’t measured) is that the A4mk2 dims a bit after idk 10 minutes? (It’s still easy to read the screen when it’s dimmed, btw.)

There’s absolutely zero sign of burn in on my A4mk2 screen, and that’s been active for many hours too.


Yes, mostly the lifetime of oled these days is so good it doesn’t pose a serious issue unless static elements are shown in the screen for very long periods. Roland R-09 mostly has text on black background so you probably won’t notice burnin very easily with it.

Could be a bad batch of displays if OTmk2 display is wearing quickly, or could just be bad quality displays.

No, I don’t have any of the mk2 boxes. I think I’ll wait for mk3.


I’ve had my A4 only a week and starting to get lines in the display.
Guess it was because It had a full day use today
with occasional breaks switching it off.

Just got the Rytm a couple weeks earlier and it is the same from today’s session.

not very good, I thought the screen was meant to be better on the mk2s
They will be ruined in no time at this rate especially if I spend a whole day on them


This is not related to the day’s usage but is a normal artefact of the relative brightness/completeness of neighbouring rows/columns - i saw this on day one with my analog, but this is a topic about OT (albeit that the screens are likely close to being the same type)

If you don’t trust me, see this semi-official word


Ok yes I agree , it does seem to be ghosting rather than burn in.
But it was not there to begin with it’s just appeared today.
Maybe it’s just been “run in”
If it stays like that and doesn’t seem to get much worse I’m fine with that.

Thanks for the reply,
makes me less worried it’s going to be a problem… cheers


I’m the OP and I’ve met with the repair guy on-site, and I can tell you what I learned.

If the lines go away when you toggle menus, it’s “normal”.

If the lines stay when you toggle menus, its burn-in.

You will eventually get BOTH. Why? Because Elektron used an inferior component. Period.

The screens they replaced for me last year? Burn-in again.

Many of us have synth screens from the 90s that still look perfect. This was just a poor choice on Elektron’s part.


Hmm, I’ll make sure to keep a couple of backup replacement displays stocked when I finally get an MKII to go with my MKI.

That way I can just replace them when they get bad. Hopefully those replacements will last me until I die.


When I went to buy mine the display AR and A4 had really bad burn in I noticed it straight away. they were trying to sell them to 200-300 dollars cheaper but chose getting new ones.

The machines them selves are great and really happy with them,
but this seems to be the weak point on otherwise great machines

I guess OLED is not perfect and that’s the nature of them.
and it’s how the machines are used is causing the problem

Would be great if there was some kind of upgrade u could do to a newer type screen when the burn in has happened


Wait for MKIIIs. White with a better screen? :content:


Just bought Rytm and Four MK2s so bit late. and I’m not prepared to wait that long…
As I said really happy with them so far anyhow, just hope the screen lasts


screen will last. its common. nothing to worry about. the lines won’t darken.


That’s good to hear,
cause I’m loving these beasts at moment.
Everything else is great :+1: