MK2 Burn-In


Already done for A4 and AR MKII in previous OS apparently, I guess this will happen for OT too.

List of changes from OS 1.30B to 1.35 Improvements
[MKII] Overbridge support added.
[MKII] Screensaver added.
Increased the number of LFO speed snap values.
Adjusted size of icons in the SETTINGS menu

List of changes from OS 1.40D to 1.45 Improvements
[MKII] Overbridge support added.
Dual VCO machine added.
[MKII] Screensaver added.
[MKII] Memory used on the +Drive and RAM can now be shown.


screensaver is not really a solution. i’d rather make use of brightness adjustments


Agreed. It has to be brightnes s control first then screensaver. Its the number one way to prevent it from happening.


Is burn in an issue with mk1 as well?


Nope, the MK1 uses an LCD rather than the MK2’s OLED.


Is this worthy of a product recall anyone?


I really hope for a screensaver, altough I have an Roland SonicCell for like 10 years with OLED and is still as new


Yeah the OLED on my AS-1 seems to have a much blacker black point and much higher contrast.


Wow that looks great. I love Elektron, but they should probably face up to the fact that they chose an inferior part for the mk2. The best way for a recall is for people to keep sending them in for repairs. For the price of the mk2, we should have been given an adequate screen for this day and age.


I just spoke with a repair guy who told me they are for sure releasing a new firmware with a screensaver. Not sure if that has already been said in this thread, sorry if so!


good to know!
i’ve sent them a suggestion to add the brightness adjustments setting, that’s by biggest hope in this regard


Ive found a temp work around, maybe someone can tell me if this is helping or hurting. But if I know i’m not going to be actively using the OT for a period of time but I’m using it as a mixer or want it at the rdy, I’ve been keeping it in audio edit with the soundwaves as big as possible(encoder D). This creates a mostly black screen with just a couple white lines.


has anyone seen this screensaver? ive updated my mk2 s and seen no screensaver or option for one.


I have 1.45 on the RYTM mkII and have seen no screensaver.


I have eurorack modules with oled that do the exact same. i.e. Omnimod, FLXS1. Oled is not a perfect technology.


this sucks


People who saw the burnin screensaver never came back to tell…



Yeah, but with a screensaver letting the screen relax, I think it will be fine.

Elektron support have been excellent about helping, as always.


Yes, I’ve seen it :slight_smile: There’s no option to set. Simply leave your A4mk2 or DT sitting still for a while, and the screen will dim slightly. Touch a knob or a button to make it brighter again.

(If it is playing and being remote controlled, the dimming will still activate.)


Hey Guys! :slight_smile:

So i wanted to buy the Octatrack MKII but the burn in of the screen puts me off atm.

Is there any word from Elektron about this yet?

I find it a little bit sad that with such good build quality comes this problem,
or in other words, why dont they test such things before the release.

I.e. leaving the unit on for 24 hours to test the display or so…

I hope that there will be an official statement about this soon and that (from what ive read here) they include a screensaver.

For a guy like me that sits literaly days infront of his Sampler thats a dealbreaker for now.

Johnny Ray