MK2 Burn-In


So from what I read the advice would be to change pages regulary, no ?
A screen saver should be better apparently.


we could always go back to an MK1 :laughing:


But this also means that folks with this issue are lucky enough to be able to spend so much time on the unit that it occurs … :nyan:

Edit: mine is safe, unfortunately! So safe that I am thinking of trading it for :thought_balloon: mmm something like a moog grandma :older_woman:


How are you going to sample all those beautiful sounds then?


or they’re leaving it for like 6 hours between 10 minute sessions grabbed here and there - like me

Luckily I have a Mki


Sp404, Ableton, Tascam 4track, Logic, zoomh5 … many options.

But it’s the first time I have this thought to trade it… I am just too busy with family and work to get real use of it.

Still I will keep it, buy myself a Grandmother for Xmas :laughing::+1:t2:

It (the OT) needs a place somewhere away from the other gear, probably near a new rocking chair when we finally moved :ok_hand:t2:


Resist! I have thoughts like that from time to time. I recently discovered sampling in Live (don’t ask why it took me so long) and the ease and speed of it was a huge “fck me why do I do all this on the OT” moment! But trying not to let it make my mind up for now. Going to give it time and think it through as made impulse decisions in the past that I immediately regretted.


i personally don’t really like the look of mk1 especially in comparison to mk2 =\


I thought OLED weren’t affected by this?


It’s the frame and the level and the tempo that are nearly always on screen :frowning: That’s what was quite clearly visible on my original MK2 screen:

It looked worse IRL but you get the idea. The new one isn’t that bad yet, but it’s definitely going in that direction :confused:

@Elektron could we have a screensaver/dimmer for the OTmk2 too plzzz?


i believe they added screensaver in the very recent a4/rytm OS updates so we have hope


OLED most certainly is suspectible to burn-in. There are differences of course - for example, White OLED technology in LG TV’s is more resistant to burn-in than some other OLED displays.

Seeing as Elektron devices have lots of static elements on the display, OLED probably wasn’t the smartest choice for their displays in terms of longetivity - all MK2’s will probably suffer from burn-in after enough use. It’s also a bit worrying that the displays show signs of burn-in after only some months of use…


There’s a noticeable (but somehow not annoying) flicker on OTmk2 screens (hence the diagonal lines on the photo I posted), and I always wondered if they made the display flicker so as to try to reduce burn-in. :thinking:


I was told by the service tech in-person that you will still get those faint dark lines around the screen, like when you open a menu there will be a menu under it that is faded a bit, but that you definitely should not have burn-in like full on ghosted menus and stuff like I had.


It is actually pretty common for OLED screens to have burn-in but it should fade. Depending on how long you have had the same things on the screen it could take days or even longer. I researched this quite a bit after buying an OLED tv. Usually used it for movies so the burn-in wasn’t apparent, but video games were a different story as there was typically some kind of HUD that would remain for a while after. After hooking up an NES mini and playing Dr. Mario for an hour it was very obvious (as not much changes on the screen) and stayed around for about a week. From what I understand, OLED burn-in shouldn’t be permanent like plasma.


What you are describing is not burn-in, it’s image retention. Both can occur, but they are different things.

You have understood wrong. OLED Burn-in is permanent. OLED has separate light source for every pixel and burn-in happens when some pixels wear (dim) more than others - this happens when some pixels are lit more than others. When it happens, it is permanent and usually can’t be fixed.


You are correct. I was lumping burn-in and image retention into one as they both have the same visual effect. But yes the term “image retention” is more appropriate.


This sucks. I am all in on the MKII. Everyone, please send Elektron a message asking for some screen saver and or dimming option.


first signs here on my mk2, been having it less than a month, never left it on without actually playing.
it’s not that visible on the photo but still, it’s inevitable :frowning:


Just did a selftest because I thought a LED is broken …thank god it was only cueing the track. But when I looked at the white screen I saw that I also got signs of burn in … great … :pensive:

Please everybody send a feature request to elektron feature-request@ is the mail. And also mention the needed dimming feature for nightwalkers who easily get blinded. Also this would cause less burning-in I suppose… :pray: