MK2 Burn-In


Indeed, a sharper multi-colored vector graphic display would be such a huge improvement


there has to be some fantastic screens in old android phones kicking around . i must try one out to see how usable they are for touch controller , i got 2 x android tablets unused in a draw somewhere… i appreciate those screens and this are very different (price , capabilities etc).


Dude yes! That sounds so nice…


I have the pixel burn in too, and now I can’t unsee it. Lol!

***weighs the importance of the screen burn vs being without octatrack for weeks during servicing


Tonight I found out I had the same problem with the screen on my Octatrack MK2, while searching the net I came across this post,

As suggested I submitted a ticket for a repair.

Not looking forward to have it away so long, as I love this machine.




FYI my OT came back at the beginning of this week with a brand new display and it’s looking just fine now :slight_smile:


i think a dead pixel might be within the threshold of annoying but not enough of an issue for a replacement , i remember them being found on nintendo / sony / apple devices but it wasnt seen as ‘important’ enough for them to cover it under warranty ,… very annoying though … and potentially something Elektron have a different policy under.

i hope that returning faulty stuff to elektron like this helps them further improve their methods for sourcing , testing and choosing hardware . many pieces of electronics have a known fault rate and while it may be incredibly low its still present no matter how modern tech might be. there may be 1000’s sold but forums / internet can give a worse impression than the reality. … many people (including myself) will complain about things on the internet with every right to , 1000’s may not visit the forum to comment their screen is perfect.

and the elektron warranty is quite long compared to many companies.


This is scary, I try to turn my OT off if I start to realize I’m not actually using it for anything. But yeah, a screen saver with adjustable time would be amazing and probably not too hard to implement, Even if it just turned the screen off entirely and Dim’d all the button leds. Could save Elektron alot of money in the long run, and our machines, of which we want to use ALOT for as long as we can haha.


Sent elektron a feature request just yesterday for this feature - and you should too! The more the better. I want to use my elektron gear for a long time without the fear of pixelburning.


Hi ,

Customer support was great , had mine repaired in 8 days,.

greetings ,



@arrowtronic, @shuttle358, would you check your screens again for me? My recently-replaced screen appears to be exhibiting very faint burn-in already, after only a few hours of use. It is not bad at all right now, and completely usable, but I’m worried (with good reason I think) that it’s going to get bad again.

(I noticed whilst in the audio wave editor screen, and verified using FUNC while powering on and finding the all-white screen mode.)


Hi Tengig,

I checked it and haven’t knowtest any problem after my replacement, altough I am very cautious now and never leave it on too long , ( What is too long? I think at least a session of 4 to 5 hours should be normal)


OLED is a bit of a gamble still in general. LCD is a very mature technology and you pretty much know what you’re getting, but OLED is comparatively young and its long term reliability is still an unknown. I’ve got plenty of stuff with LCDs that’s 25, 30 years old and still looks fine - it’s anybody’s guess if OLED will hold up like that.


What about simply booting up in test mode and hitting pad 1 and letting that sit for a few hours. This is basically how we used to kill screen burn on old CRT monitors… just a blank white screen to burn away the dark imaging burnt in.
The OT MK2 is the only MK2 box that will let you press pad 1 after the test has been run and it will hold on the all white page. The other MK2 machines you have to hold down the pad 1 to get the solid screen…or simply put a weight on it to hold down.


Thing is though, it’s the pixels that are normally lit (the grid between the machine controls, the tempo, etc) which are showing as darker. Won’t lighting them all up send them all towards an earlier grave?


Cool gif btw lol


Im starting to get it on mine too, 3 month old unit


Interesting read:


does this all mean that every MK2 will eventually get ghost picture? :frowning:


Seems like it…