MK2 Burn-In


So…anyone else having this problem? (shot on iPhone w/no filter)


Oh no!

Is this a constant? Or could it just be a bug?


It is constant. When I first bought it the screen began exhibiting some weird ghosting that resembled burn-in to me (I think theres a thread on here from someone with the same problem). Support ticket reply was that it was normal.

But months later, the burn-in apparently got worse. Granted, I use it every day for the past months.


I think you’ll be better suited to submit a support ticket on Elektrons official site.

But thanks for raising awareness of this to the forum


smash dat thing with a sledge hammer and make a video of it. i’m sure you’ll get many clicks!


…oled displays should not do that!
get a replacement for sure…
even if it looks like, that u still can work with it with no problem…it’s just not nice…


I had the same issue; support told me to send it in for a repair. I’m waiting for it to be returned now! I hate being without my octatrack.


I should also note that support were extremely polite and quick to respond and offer a solution.

If you received a negative response before, I would recommend following up with the photo that you attached to this thread, and see what they have to say :slight_smile:


The ghosting (where individual lines are dimmer, when and if many pixels are lit) does appear to be normal; the DT does it too.

Maybe it’s weird to say it, but I think it’s kinda cool :slight_smile: it reminds me that I’m working on a piece of hardware that someone designed and built.


One of these days they’ll decide to use a legit screen. OP-1 OLED is beautiful.


I had the same issue; took a picture, opened a ticket, got a quick response and sent it in for repair. Seems to happen when you leave the device on for long periods, so I turn all my machines off when not in use now.

All of the new devices using OLED displays need a screensaver TBH.


Elektron support said they will help me out. Thanks.

GREAT POINT : Why isn’t there a screensaver feature? My DSI Prophet has one that disables the screen after a few minutes until midi or knob is turned. It is a setting in globals to enable it.


There is, on the DT and the A4mkII at least; the screen dims slightly after a period of no interaction. That came with a relatively recent software update. I guess they will bring this feature to the OT :slight_smile:


These are mass produced using off-the-shelf components. It’s not like someone carved it out of wood with small imperfections that make it more beautiful. Faulty parts need replaced.


And leaving it on for a long time should not cause issues with anything these days unless it’s a hot thing on something very flammable

definitely be tested before deciding to use in all new upcoming hardware for the next few years.
Probably why screen savers are now required.


I’m talking about the dimming lines, not the burn in, @Hawk :slight_smile:


what about if my music is very hot and flammable?


That’s how it’s supposed to be :smiley:


…oh, i love this little idea of a screen saver…

and since our swedish coder friends are musical nerds full on, it should be even a simple thing to program an easy option to even individually costumize this, each on it’s own…

i’d dig the plan, that my elektron machines would tell me certain little messages or graphic little pixel storms starting to move on the screens, once in a while…and hey, even the diy lxr from sonic potions has a screen saver implemented…so c u soon, screen saver, hear me…?


You’ll never get a gig unless you have a lot of fire extinguishers.
Could be a good gimmick …