Mixer mode


Hi guys,
check this interesting video of the digitakt uses for looping samples in different phase.

at 4.50 mins, he activates the mixer mode, in which all 8 tracks volume can be played with in one screen.
does the rytm have this function? its awesome!


No it doesn’t, whilst it does have only 8 voices it has 12 tracks for those 8 encoders to mix, so it won’t happen


darn, I must say it seems like the digitakt has been getting all the new cool features and the rytm is less and less a ‘flagship’ over the digitakt. Or is it just me?


They are different, if I had to pick one elektron to call it a flagship id pick the Octatrack though.


yeah. you just set up some performance macros to modulate every track volume with the pads.
it’s actually better/more immediate (imo) as you get 12 tactile pressure controllers at once.


You could also use that performance macro knob on the MK2 I imagine.