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Hey Nauts! I’m looking for a bit of advice regarding a mixer or interface for my setup.

To jam and record my numerous hardware synths / drum machines I’m currently have everything patched through a patch bay into a Mackie 1604VLZ Pro, and from there into my MOTU 828x Interface into Ableton. I’m using both Eventide Space and Roland Re20 pedals as send effects on the mixer. This is a fantastic setup for jamming but only allows me to record a single stereo input. In order to transition from jams to finished tracks I’m finding this approach not flexible enough.

Essentially what I want is to replicate the above workflow but with the ability to record at least 16 tracks (post fader preferably) simultaneously in Ableton, capturing the live send effect tweaks through the desk printed onto the individual tracks.

I’ve looked at the Midas Venice F32 and Soundcraft 22 MTK but both have their drawbacks. For example there are only internal send effects available on the Soundcraft.

Are there any other options I should be considering?

Did you check the Tascam Model 24?

It lacks stereo fx sends, but IIRC there’s one stereo sub mix buss you can use.


Thanks - not a bad option actually. I’m a fan of the stereo channels although the lack of the send effects is a bit of a let down.

AH Qu series, for example the QuPac


On the analog side, the Midas is on a whole other level than the MTK or the Tascam. Also on the price side. You can get an 8 channel ADAT converter and keep recording to your 828. This will probably get you better A to D than the MTK or the Tascam as well. It is also super flexible: the Midas Venice can have direct outs set pre or post fader, and you can also record submixes from the subgroups. This way you are not limited to the Venice F and you are not stuck with Firewire, which is outdated. If you ever need to record microphones, your appreciation of the Midas will only grow.

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What I like about the Qu series is the fact that you can record multitrack without a computer. A click and you’re good.
Many sends as well, really dig it.

Take the time to check the numerous threads in this forum:



OK so I’ve just sold my Mackie 1604 and I’ve narrowed down to the Tascam Model 24 as the replacement - it looks like exactly what I’m after. After a bit of looking into it external send effects can be achieved using the monitor outs and recorded on one of the 5 stereo channels.

Is anyone here using one by any chance? If so how do you like it?

Read here:

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