Mission brief: Noise to kill

Hi my fellow elektronayzers!
It has been a while…

I worked on a film and I had to get rid of the noise in the dialog that you will use for source material for the track. This noise was made by motors in a face mask that moved the muscles for facial expressions of the mask. I must say it was a painful job…

This mission brief is for elektron machines that support sample import.
Source material has a musical content so I think we should make melodic tracks.


1 machine only (no outboard).
Resampling allowed.
Ninja mode if you feel like one. (No resampling)
Genre is up to you.

Wrap up is on December 11.

I can’t wait to see what will you come up with.

Have a good one.


DIdn’t hear something from you file player… :stuck_out_tongue: maybe it’s from my side… I don’t know
Edit : Definitively from my side … Fixed !

This kind of things is always painful ? Don’t Izotope RX would make a great job by analyzing a solo part of the noise and get rid this then ? I remember always have very good result with RX in this kind of scenario when a part of the noise is isolated and can be analyzed…

In this case I had to find harmonics by hand to get rid of. This noise is specific because it’s a tonal noise with harmonic content and not a noise in a sense of all frequencies with full power. So I had to go harmonic by harmonic. Those harmonic frequencies are not steady, they warble around, so Rx was used like photoshop rather than denoiser.

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Interesting. Thanks for the explanations

Sure no problem.