Missing description on the front panel


Got my Digitone today & noticed that on the top edge and under the arrows there are missing description… :confused: Anyone has the same?


I’m on the forum quite often and this is the first time I’ve seen this.
I’m sure you can get a replacement from where you bought it or from Elektron, but man that looks slick to me, I’d keep it… :smile:


hahahha, if they refound me 50 euros I keep it xD


I suspect you could lose more than 50 on a re-sale if it came to that

very odd - no way I’d keep it despite the novelty (one of a kind probably)

get in touch with the store/support


Eaaasy, I can return it in the next 30 days :slight_smile:


within a few years people will pay 3 times more for your one of a kind special DN :laughing:


Collectors Edition :smiley:


Yep … like the post stamps of old days … before emailing … missing a colour or having a misprint … :wink:


No fill under scale button either, curious how just that area seems to have missed the white paint layer and wonder if there are others like it.


I bet they just forgot to place all the white printings/secondary functions! Add notes is also white but we cannot see on the pic but almost sure they forgot this one also!