Mint Octatrack MK1 (SOLD)


Absolutely wounded this has to go but here we are. Perfect condition OT, very well looked after and probably about a year and a half warranty left. Seen studio use only. Original box, manual and Elektron braided USB cable. i’ve got a black cross fader cap on it but still got the original fader cap too. Buyer pays p+p

Sold my second mint OT on here not that long ago if anyone wanted seller feedback.


I feel upset about this too! :anguished:
Somebody buy this jb’s a good guy…
And may an OT find its way back to him…
Free Bump… :slight_smile:


no man.dont sell it.sell body organs not the ot. hope your ok


Cheers guys, everything’s good. Just a bump in the road, OT will be back soon as


Price drop, £650 incl shipping. No haggling, that’s a fair price


Better than fair, that’s a very good price.


Just to be clear I meant postage, I’m not looking to spend half of the 650 to get this thing to America. UK only, possibly EU depending on how much it’ll cost


Per chance are you interested in a MPC 1000 JJOSXL and SP 404SX for it?


Already got an MPC 1k and this is a money situation, can’t accept any trades unfortunately. I don’t even want to get rid of the OT, need to though. Good luck anyway


No worries, thanks mate


Well, fuck, I’m tempted ! Would you ship to France if I cover the supplementary shipping charges?




still available


will sell the OT and the maschine together for £1000. both perfect condition, all original boxes.


OT SOLD and I’m keeping the maschine now. Cheers