Minor Live failure // wrong sample played

I recently played live using the Octa as playback device. I had prepared arrangements for four songs and rehearsed them a number of times at home and at the venue. Everything played as expected.

During the show one track triggered the wrong loop. I had not changed anything since rehearsal. I tried to reload the part, with no success. Since it was another percussion loop no one except me noticed this and I let it play to the end.

Back at home I played through the song again. Everything again played as expected, with all correct samples.

I have read before about a parts bug, but this was just one sample on one track misfiring. Anyone else who have experienced this?
The Octa has 1.30C firmware installed.

It is funny though, I have performed perhaps four times using the Octa and two times I have had problems. (The first one was a major one, with too many static streams causing a freeze/reboot)

I’m not much help here, but did notice you can update to 1.31 here.

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Your description what had happened is simply too vague to pinpoint it to any specific bug.

When did the miss-triggering happen? After a part change? After changing to a pattern with another part (includes also switching to a pattern in another bank)? Was a “plays free” track involved?

What is exactly meant by “the wrong loop”? Was it the loop of the previous pattern? A completely random loop? Were sample chains involved? Sound locks? Scenes? The Arranger?

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Without steps to reproduce there is pretty much no way this can get fixed :frowning:
Most of the time “bugs” (in any software/hardware) are simply user error, so it would be good to confirm exactly what you did to trigger this!

I heard about a “Live Only” Trig Condition somewhere…
It works all the time, except in live conditions…:thinking:


Thanks! Very good questions. I will try to answer.

Every song/arr, it’s own bank.
This occurred when playing an arr.
A part change happened when the new pattern played (in the same arr) causing the problem.
With loop I mean sample/file.
What is a “plays free track?”

The erroneous sample was from another bank.
No sample locks. No sample chains. No scenes.

Live only trig, huh? :joy:

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