Minilogue XD



From manual: A program includes settings for sounds, voice mode and effects, as well as sequence data and so on. (MASTER knob and joystick settings are not included in programs.)
WTF!!! so it doesn’t save your assigned parameters to the joystick per patch or am I reading this wrong? What’s the point when carefully assigning delay time and depth parameters and then not being able to save them???!


This is exactly how I got my Prologue
15% off through Store DJ with that Korg sale but got it through their Ebay store because Ebay had another 10% off at the same time

Ha yes you need to sit there like an Owl though


Is the former Model capable of saving that?


I don’t know, seeing the old minilogue has different parameters on the slider per program (see prog list in manual) The new XD doesn’t show joystick settings in the prog list!

EDIT: found something but still confused
PROGRAM EDIT mode: This mode is used for program editing functions, such as to change the program name and assign a parameter to the joystick or CV INPUT jack, as well as to select a microtuning and so on. Press the WRITE button to save your parameters after you have configured the parameters in PROGRAM EDIT mode and SEQ EDIT mode.
But manual also says: A program includes settings for sounds, voice mode and effects, as well as sequence data and so on. (MASTER knob and joystick settings are not included in programs.)


perhaps that just means that master vol and joystick positions do not save with the patch?


The slider setup of the original Minilogue is part of the patch. I don’t know any synth where the master volume knob position is saved with a patch.


I think it is like tsutek wrote. Position of Joystick will Not be saved. Assignments of the Joystick are Part of a program. My guess also: Joystick movements cant be recorded with internal sequencer either, right? But maybe the Joystick Outputs Midi CC to the Midi Out?


I hoping the joystick can be moved remotely via MIDI CCs (OT fun!)


going to check this out when it’s in the shops, hoping that you can assign your parameters to the joystick and save them within a patch and also hoping you can record your joystick movements as motion recording! Not much info on the joystick in the manual! Anyway think that would be 2much asking :smiley: Wondering if you could modify it to add audio input. Dreaming of what I could do with the cv’s of A4. Controlling and sequencing XD with DN! aaaaaahgrrrrrr fucking GAS


Think I’m going to get one of these… such a tough call between this and the digitone.

I want a synth for lush ambient melodic stuff, and digitone does that well. But might be time for another keyboard synth.


Just saw this on reddit. Completely unrelated but points given for ghetto approach and creativeness.


hm sounds like the minilogue can also go into more experimental territory. Cool sounding fm style fx from min 2:15 on


I’m pretty happy with mine. Have loaded the MI Plaits oscillators which really open it up.


I’m GASing hard for one. Too bad they don’t seem to be available in my neck of the woods yet.


I’m in the same boat here. Only good thing about the unavailability to buy is, I really could not afford to get one just now :nyan:


oh you can load MI Plaits Osci too? Maybe also the MI Braids? I love those wavetables very much! So for me the quesions raises now: this or the Microfreak for half the price???


I faced a similar choice and it came down to actual polyphony and the length of keyboard to me. I can do a lot more with 3 octaves of minikeys than I can with 2 octaves, even if they have poly aftertouch. I’ve never felt 2 octaves were enough for anything useful - YMMV.
The Minilogue xd has 16 oscillator slots plus 3 simultaneous (rather good) effects AND user effect slots too. They also fixed the stupid ‘return to zero’ envelope behaviour of the first Minilogue (something I whined about extensively online).
My only gripe so far is the linear decay which makes it a bit ‘meh’ for basslines and sequencer parts - but there are ways round that.

Here’s some noodling using the MI Plaits Additive osc:


The korg…you get to fuse the MI osc with analogue osc…and o.k. sounding effects…

Plus out of the 3 things i have from Arturia only the BSP works like it should


Is there any word on whether Korg might make desktop versions? I’d love a desktop prologue


Korg released desktop versions of the Odyssey and MS-20, so there’s always hope.