Minilogue XD


Checkout the VPM patches here

If you want an all in one its not bad.


I had the Digitone and sold it but am in the market for another, then this XD came along… I’m looking for creamy but crystalline sounds. Digitone is really good at that.

But this XD sounds damn good from the Bonedo demo and Loopop demo’s.

$200 cheaper than the DN in Australia too, but thats not that much of a difference.


As for me the Digitone vs. XD decision is no contest - don’t really need another groovebox and could use a small polyphonic keyboard synth.


Beyond Plaits, there are collections like this which includes a lot of custom oscillators and effects. These are for the Prologue but presumably work on the Minilogue XD as well.

It’s interesting to me to see this development. Not sure it’s enough to make me buy (don’t really have need for keyboard instrument at this time), but it’s enough to make me hope that Korg continues to expand the reach of this digital engine (I’d love to see a Volca size implementation that was just this oscillator and/or effects unit, no analog oscillators or filter, just the digital multi-engine stuff. Or could be put in Kaossilator / Mini Kaoss Pad form… And then in my super-dreams Tom Erbe implements his real-time time-stretch plugin for it…)


There are at least 3 3rd party oscillator vendors on the Prologue page, but none listed on the XD’s yet.

Give the vendors time though. The XD is new enough that they’re probably not finished testing on it. The sound librarian software for it isn’t even out yet. I read that on the Prologue you need its librarian software to load Plaits.


If your looking at store dj prices they are always more expensive when they are “accepting orders” that will drop to $810.00


ok thats quite a difference then. Hmm maybe the XD will be my pick out of the two :thinking:


This would be great - the Kaoss range of devices do seem to have stalled in recent years, and while the Kaossilators in particular are fun, they don’t have much in the way of expansion (nor updates).


Which ones the groovebox?


Maybe get that paraphonic MicroPl… Erm…Microfreak instead?

Must. Resist. No GAS.


You can get whatever you like.

I will get this XD


Are you sure on this one?
Foundsound is listing it for 1199 reduced to 999.

Turramusic is listing 999
Macron too


And another…

The original was 999 so same to bet this one will be too…


total ripoff price! Look here… 999dollar would be 869euros, the xd is listed 649 euros in DE!


Sweetwater in USA has minilogue xd (pre-order) for $619USD.
I was at NAMM Friday and Saturday and both days I had a jam on it, it’s a very cool synth!
I already own a Nord lead A1 though and wondering if the xd will be too much sonic overlap… hmm


Everytime I see the name of this device I feel like it’s 2010 all over again. (Rawr xD)


Maybe i should be a lot more specific…in short Im never sure…_No ! but if you are patient you will get it for a much better price…you just have to sit and wait with the cash ready for their surprise sale (which they dont announce as it would affect sales leading up to the event)

I did take too much off it as a guess… should have been $900.00 not $810.00. to be safe at 10%…its usually 10% minimum that it goes down after the initial rush for the product settles…I noticed the process when i bought my DFAM from them for $950.00!! after they listed it as “accepting orders” when it was release. I ordered, when they were 2 days out of customs clearance they called to lock in the sale, letting me know that if i didnt get it now there were plenty waiting. And after they were gone who could tell when they were getting more (the fear tactic worked on my emotional attachment)…so i bought it for $950.00. within 2 weeks of the initial rush of those hyped enough to be foaming at the mouth wore off they dropped to $870.00…which hurt…so i started to track it and notice the patterns around the hype that new releases or trade shows like NAMM or even superbooth can create, and spotted that the initial orders are more hexy, then there seems to be a decrease. usually about 10%…it will drop but you will have to wait.

then there is the fact that 4 times a year they have Sales in which stock gets reduced 10% to 30% ALL STOCK! however they also have brand specific sales that run for mass produced gear like roland / korg / pioneer etc… here are a few example from the last 12 months from the mailing list…

But please dont take this as gospel, especially if you dont want to wait for two months after everyone else has one for the sale to drop the price… If you want one NOW they will make you pay anticipation tax…if you can wait they have regular specials where you enter a code and get 10 to 20 percent off all gear in stock…and have been doing that for years…

Didnt mean to mislead you sir, i just meant that if your patient you could get it for much less. But then you could get ANYTHING in their stock for much less…i think they have “open box” specials on most Elektron gear…but again you have to wait…

I personally want this synth, and want it for $850.00 aud I will get it, but will have to make like an owl, sitt on the branch asking who / what / where / why and when i sense the time is perfect swoop down for my prey. It may take some waiting though…


Ok I get what you are saying. Yeah was looking for something in the next few months. Maybe I just sit on it for a while


This is AUD (Australia)
Our dollary doo’s are worth peanuts…



Btw great breakdown, I’m a sucker for screengrabs :grin::+1:


:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: the marketing does work…