Minilogue XD


It has microtuning/custom scales which I had a lot of fun using with my preen fm and monologue
The poly side of it was fun with preen. Has anyone used the pi microtone box?

#105 More XD with some knobs tweaks!


I’m predicting this might turn out to be my favorite synth I’ve ever owned. That’s an incredible variety of interesting sounds in one little box.

  1. Sound quality = check.
  2. Interface = check.
  3. Specs = check.
  4. Looks = check.
  5. Build-quality = check. (if it’s anything like the original)
  6. Price = check.
  7. Versatility = check.
  8. Size = check.
  9. Portability = check.


what i’m really curious about is the VPM, reminds me of my old Electribe emx mmt technology, this has also VPM and different types. Damn it’s like some bits of that vpm maybe, some bits of monologue, bit of prologue, bit of minilogue and now bits of plaits ported to prologue so also possible with XD probably, it has a cool joystick performance thing, stereo out, sync, cv’s wow best synth of Namm!


The original Minilogue was not multitimbral, so I wouldn’t expect that on the XD either. I’d want to explore the sonic possibilities of using the internal analog and digital oscillators together first, then the 3rd-party digital oscillators, before I’d feel compelled to start layering it with other synths.

As for VPM it’s Korg’s variation of FM synthesis - kind of a poor man’s version. I think it was introduced with the Z1:


I was wondering about the VPM. Im not bothered about it geing a poor mans version of FM as long as it does the job. Will be interesting to see what use people make of it.


I think VPM is not virtual phase modulation mentioned in this article, it’s variable phase modulation! VPM is very similar to Phase distortion which the casio CZ range used. Anyway VPM and PD are basically bit ripoff/ simplified versions of Yamaha’s 2 operator FM.


But not patented. So fair play.


the only thing I’m missing is audio input :disappointed_relieved: and looking at my old electribe emx this thing can do 24 motion recordings per pattern! XD only 4! But still a very interesting synth!


Fascinating… I had a CZ5000 and always loved PD synthesis.

A CZ oscillator could be a fun thing to port to the korg multi engine, and would sound killer combined with the analog voices. I have a feeling those 6 user osc slots will not be enough for long :loopy:

I wonder how preset patch dumps work if your user oscs are configured differently than when you saved the patch…


Do you think you could get those warm ambient pads you get with FM with this phase distortion?

54 seconds in. Thats so damn close to the Floats patch on the Digitone.


manual says: VPM This engine is a VPM (Variable Phase Modulation) oscillator. The engine features a simple structure with one carrier and one modulator, but allows you to create a wide range of sounds. Sixteen oscillator types are available for this VPM oscillator.

Fx enough to make it warmer :slightly_smiling_face: and lots of modulation options also so XD can do that I think!

Yeah that patch is indeed very close to floats, love this DN patch nice and dreamy warm, bit BOC style emotions in it.


Anyone tried the Casio CZ iPad app? Toyed with grabbing it but read some mixed reviews. This is one of the positive ones -


VPM is what it is - an old Korg technology that has been reused so many times now in their synths.

Yamaha owned Korg for a brief time, but did not force Korg to stop using VPM, so that is what they think of Korg’s “rip off”


This or Digitone :thinking:


I have that one. When I still had my CZ5000, I used the app for making patches on the go, then when I got back to my CZ I reprogrammed the sounds into the hardware using the same parameter values as in the app. Worked OK.

The app doesn’t have that warm fuzzy sound of the hardware’s output stage, but otherwise sounds similar.


Yeah app seems a little too sterile by itself from what I heard. Wondering how it’d sound with some added fizz ITB from something like decimort2 etc?


You would get closer to the hardware sound with something like decimort2, no doubt. But it will never sound exactly the same. You can probably get into the ballpark, though.

IME emulating the output stage of older digital gear is tricky. Its not just the exotic DA converter that needs to be modeled, the output analog stages also play a role in the sound, just as is the case with modern DACs, where the DA chips can even be the same between two different converters yet they will not sound identical due to differing analogue stages in the DAC…


Digitone of course :wink:


Digitone if you’re looking for an FM synth.

The VPM in the XD will be quickly overshadowed by the 3rd party oscillators, eg. Plaits, on the digital side of the XD. VPM isn’t something particularly exciting as it is an old tech - if that excites you, you should look at Plaits and the 3rd party oscillators for Prologue - they might make you quickly forget about VPM.