MiniCommand Resurrection // MCLive


There was a typo in the RAM test firmware causing it to try and access memory locations above 0xFFFF. I’m uploading a fix now. Yours looks fine.

I just re-wrote the SDCard test firmware to actually do a byte for byte consistency check against a written 1MB file. The previous test only checked read behaviour.

PM sent about the SDCard issue. let’s debug there.


Found a regression in MCL causing MD parameter locks not to be saved.

I am refactoring some code and will have a patch released by the end of the weekend.


My MegaCommand is almost ready and I’m wondering how to fit it in my setup. Let me explain what I’m trying to achieve - is it possible? I read the manual and I’m not sure.
My main sequencer is Sequentix P3 which sends transport to all devices, including MD. I want to use MegaCommand just to play MD chromaticaly. I want to use first 8 tracks of MD as polysynth, 4 for its perc sounds and 4 as FX for external gear.
I would like to have possibility to sequece first 8 tracks with Sequentix and the rest with MD internal sequencer. So… how do I setup this shit? :slight_smile: My guess is…:
Sequetix midi out -> MegaCommand midi in 1 -> MegaCommand midi out 1 -> MD midi in-> MD midi out-> MegaCommand midi in 2. And is it the end of midi path?

Is it possible to filter out a seperate midi channel to control first 8 tracks of MD? So the rest of the tracks can play with internal MD sequencer recieving just external clock?

Please let me know…
Thanks a lot!


I need to enable MIDI merge on MIDI in 2, so that incoming MIDI data on MIDI in 2 is sent to the MD through MIDI out port 1.

I’ll put that on my list of things to do.


Thank you! So my setup is realistic to do in the future? :slight_smile:


Yes, but currently chromatic mode is monophonic.


Hmm… do you plan to make it polyphonic?


I’m planning to refactor the MCL code in to usable libraries. That chromatic code needs to be generalised and then it should be possible to extend to multiple tracks with not much problem.


After some SD card concerns I’ve just ported over the MCL firmware to use the latest SdFatLib library, moving on from the legacy ‘sdreader’ card library used by MIDICtrl.

Long story short, everything is better.

Should now support FAT32 8GB+ cards with no problems.

Also the read/write performance is significantly faster for snappier data transfer to and from the MD. Project creation takes less than a second vs 2 minutes. The new library takes up around 3KB less program space.


Great :slight_smile: this is the main feature I bought Ruin Wesen for the other day. Now that it is outdated I went for Mega Command :slight_smile:


Some more bug fixes today. Trigger exploit was broken on the ext sequencer pages ( would erroneously record triggers from MD sequencer )

SD Card errors no longer thrown when trying to overwrite a project (a message is displayed instead).


Back again, so as i see development ist still active :grinning:

Will future firmwares run on the first version PCB? Or will it run to the OLED/without DAC Version only?


Hi Mon,

I’d encourage upgrading to the OLED display if you can, but the firmware will continue to support the HD44780 LCD.
Obviously we can do a lot more with 128 x 32 pixel display and I think swapping to the OLED will be worth the effort.

There wont be any functional differences between the original pcb + rev2. I’m dropping the DAC, because we can move it to an expansion board and actually have room for output jacks.



1.0.2 board design is complete and out for fabrication.

Plan is to test the new board late next week, if that’s successful I will start building the assembled units.

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Hey Justin, thanks for your work, what is the exact idea behind the expansion boards? I can imagine some usefull things, but there must be some kind of mad masterplan in your head, im am curios about that plan… Expansions, DAC, Output-Jack… I want to see the light :wink:


Yes! Thank You! Thank You! As soon as I get enough cash it is all going to you.

With a few midi controllers, like, 16 sliders, 24 knobs and maybe 49 keys in addition to your FA MiniCommand creation, I don’t think I need anything else.

Except maybe another MD along with a another MiniCommand.


A small delay on components for the MegaCommand build, the PCBs wont be here until next week.

Waiting for the parts. I was sitting here thinking about the speed increase gained from the new SD Card library. This got me dreaming about turbo MIDI again. I decided to give 8x another shot. If you recall, I abandoned 8x in favour of a stable 4x link to accomodate the external sequencer and the doubled micro timing resolution.

I made a few adjustments to the interrupt and SYSEX code and lo and behold I’ve got 8x turbo working simultaneously on both ports, with the OLED display and external sequencer functionality. Kit and Pattern recall on the MD is almost instantaneous at this speed and sending sound to the Analog 4 is equally as fast :rocket::rocket::rocket:.

ATmega2560 @ 16MHz still has plenty of grunt :smiling_imp:.

This opens up the door for a lot more things…


Nothing set in stone as of yet.

I have some ideas. I want to build a 4 voice CEM based synth before behringer beat me to it.

Open to suggestions.




New board design assembled and tested. Everything is working, which means we can go ahead with the manufacturing run next week. I’d expect units to be available before the end of April.


I’m about 70% through the mammoth task of refactoring/rewriting the MCL code from the ground up. I’ve taken the single arduino sketch of 10,000 lines and divided it in to individual libraries which will be incorporated in to MIdiCtrl. The resulting code-base will be a true c++ implementation.


Hey, just updating my post: unfortunately, I won’t be participating in this project (that is, able to build a MCL for those who wanted one.) Apologies, but I have too many projects going on at this time.

It’s great to see this thing move forward, though! Exciting stuff.