MiniCommand Resurrection // MCLive


What do you think of the new micro timing.

I just had a bit of a play, and it’s very tight to my ears :slight_smile:


With the confirmation that MCL works with MKI machines (verified with JustinValer via MIDI testing), I’m ready to jump on-board at this point!

To those that have contacted me about building them one, are you ready? PM me if you’re still interested.


Any other source for clickable encoders (apart from asking Elektron for “theirs”) anyone? I recall that long time ago I saw someone on this forum stating that they found that part elsewhere, but now I can not find that post. :frowning:

I’d also be grateful for detailed images of said encoders as well as specs (phases, “grey code” bit width, pulses per rotation, etc)


search Bourn PEC11 encoder. They come with a push button in dented or dentless variety.


Thanks, Justin! :thup: I somehow thought it was Alps; turned out that I was wrong. It must be either PEC11L or PEC11R-40hhF-S00rr (where hh is shaft height and rr is resolution), and while I can deduce height, I do not really know about resolution. There seem to be three variants available for PEC11R - with 12, 18 or 24 pulses per one full 360’ rotation, and 15, 20 PPR for PEC11L (which are advertised as 3 times more durable); :elmd: ones seem to me like 24 PPR - but I do not know for sure. I guess I’ll try PEC11R-4115F-S0024, that is, 15mm high shaft, detented.


Are you looking for replacements for your MachineDrum.
The MK2 used 32 PPR. MK1 used 24 PPR. There’s an encoder menu on the MD where you can select the res.

Mine need replacing too, I will probably ask elektron for the parts as I haven’t found a 32 PPR replacement encoder yet. (Although i haven’t been looking that hard)


Actually I thought I’ll be able to “shoot both hares with one bullet” - make myself one great device and replace worn ones with the same part#. Thanks for 32 PPR tip (mine’s MkII but I saw a setting to switch between 24 and 32 PPR somewhere in menu); duly noted, will look around.

As a side note, here mchanger talks about using PEC16-4220F-S0024 on his :elot: - says they’re solid; I wonder if that’ll fit onto :elmd: and on MCL PCB too. Anyway I’d better STFU now and just wait for PCBs to arrive.


just a heads up it’s not an easy job replacing the MD encoders. in my opinion you want to do it right the first time.
For the effort required, it’s worth getting the original part from Elektron. Also. I was able to extend the usable life of my encoders by reducing the Encoder Resolution to 24ppm on MD Encoder menu.


Is the replacement not the say (or very similar) to the OT?

In that case, if you have never done any electrical repairs, I wouldn’t start with an Elektron box. However, I have only done a handful and it was simple enough to me.


Is anyone selling these pcbs?

Is it possible to get the original r&w minicommand firmware to run on this new megacommand hardware?


sorry, if this question seems a bit naive…
Is there a built version available… in germany?
and how much would that be?



After a short hiatus I’ve just fixed a bunch of GUI bugs for MCL.

Also, you can now enter any sequencer pages without exiting back to the Grid page. This improves workflow greatly.


Added Euclid Sequencer page, accessible pressing shift2 + encoder button 1.

This page uses Wesen’s implementation of the euclid algorithm to generator euclidean rhythms for selected tracks.

Encoder 1 = Number of pulses
Encoder 2 = Sequence offset
Encoder 3 = Scale Root
Encoder 4 = Scale Type

Select the tracks you want to generate a random sequence on using the MD Trigger interface and then press the Write Button.

If more than 1 track is selected, the first 3 encoder parameters are randomised and the current values are used as maximums.

Shift2 + Write will randomise rhythms on all 16 tracks

If Scale is greater than 0 then random pitches are assigned per step according to the scale selected and root note specified.


Arduino interrupts for the win :star_struck:


Just discovered this minicommand resurrection thread! Justin you’re genious!!

Any chance to see features like the pattern trigger mode of the A4? (direct jump/direct start/temp jump)


Justin, your work here is unparalleled.

I have an OG Minicommand awaiting the completion of this & cannot wait to breathe life into my favorite synth/drum machine of all time.

Will all of these changes to the firmware be available in the original Ruin & Wesen Minicommand or will I need to construct a new one?


All the sequencer functionality is only supported on the MegaCommand, the original MiniCommand does not have enough ROM space.


Possible but not implemented.

Currently all my studio and electronics equipment is in storage as I am relocating house. Probably wont see any further updates until I have a new studio.


  • Justin


Nice to hear it’s something doable.
Hope i’ll manage to get hold on a machinedrum soon and hope your moving is going well :wink:



Hey there everyone. Long time lurker here. This is my first post but I’m a recent DT and MD buyer and this sounds like absolutely the piece of gear that I need to complete the setup. If anyone is still building these for sale I would love to pick one up and pay in advance!