MiniCommand Resurrection // MCLive


^ we have two amazing Australian synth designers around here, Justin and Rusty. Are you thinking what I am thinking?


I solved the Legato problem, with minimal RAM usage.

Not so easy in the end and I can see why Elektron have avoided implementing it. You have to account for simultaneous note on and off events across multiple pitches, and then make that work on a sequencer that is designed to trigger notes, but not necessarily turn them off.

I have 5 track ext sequencer on MCL that can be used to sequence the Analog4. Live record from the Analog4 mini keyboard, in legato or poly.

It works pretty well.


Where i’m heading with this.

The overall plan here is to treat the Analog 4 voices as 4 additional tracks on the MD.

These tracks can be stored in rows on the MCL Grid. Each row on the Grid now consists of
16x MD internal tracks + 16x MD Expanded Sequencer Tracks + 5x Analog4 Expanded Sequencer Tracks .

So if you load up a row on MCL you will get all the MD tracks loaded + all the corresponding analog 4 tracks, including sound changes.

You then have the MCL performance options of mixing and matching Analog 4/MD tracks from the different rows.


at the risk of waking up back in my hut again, is there any way these a4-related functions could also extend to the monomachine? …or are they totally apples and oranges?


Yes, but I need to find out a few things.

Is it possible to configure the Monomachine keyboard to transmit MIDI note data, but not trigger internal sounds?

It seems possible with the SFX-6:
KEYBOARD controls whether MIDI data of the keyboard and joystick (SFX-6 only) should be sent to the internal synthesizer tracks, MIDI OUT or both. The keyboard on the SFX-60/ SFX-60 MKII is represented by the [TRIG] buttons when not in the GRID RECORDING or LIVE RECORDING modes.

On the Analog4 I can disable the MINI keyboard from triggering internal sounds, and it transmits MIDI to the Megacommand. I then send those MIDI notes back to the A4 to trigger sounds. This is useful, because the 12 keyboard buttons can be used as additional input controls to the MC.


yes, ive done it but maybe not in the way you are looking for. i load up the machine that produces no sound and the sequencer/keys still send the midi data for channels 1-6 but the audio tracks have a machine that creates no sound.


Yes that won’t work, maybe there is another way.

Also, some slightly bad news. Can’t change sound on individual Analog4 tracks.
I’ve tried to probe the SYSEX implementation but no luck, calling all @void for assistance.


I’ve got a basic Analog4 library working now, with the ability to receive kits and sounds.
This means we can now store analog4 sounds inside MCL and couple them with the external MIDI tracks.


Holy crap! This really renews my enthusiasm for the MD! With this upgrade, we can have all of the things that make the new machines so great (cond. trigs, microtiming, step-lenghts).
Wow! Currently blowing the dust off the ol’ MDUW MKI.


@glitched- I must be overlooking a little bit of the magic- could you elaborate, please?


Oh, just this little nugget:



Even down to the trigless locks + individual track lengths- on the MD!!! I’m a terrible solderer, hands shake like the yips- but I’ll definitely have to persevere to build THIS thing! MDUW is my favorite piece of kit as it is right now- but with all THOSE extra features, I’m sold.

Yeah- I totally missed that bit! Thank you for bringing it to my attention :smile_cat:

Edit: oh snap! Melodic mode!!!


Does uploding this project to kikstarter etc. will make the minicommand ready to feb. 2018 ?


The MegaCommand design is finished, you can build one now.

You just need to get the PCBs printed, the process is simple and inexpensive and i’ve provided instructions on how to do that too.


So i need to build my own birthday gift :slight_smile:

Great work, ill read to know if im up to this challenge.


just realised if the printed circuit board arrives tomorrow it will be my birthday present lol.

is it possible to move samples around different drive partitions quickly using the sds format and the megacontrol i wonder.


It’s possible to write a firmware to store samples on the SD card and transfer them over at 8x speed. However, plus drive sample bank switching is faster.


the convenience of being able to select and copy say five or ten samples at one time from one bank and then paste to a different sample bank would be cool, that way, only need to switch sample banks once …

although i guess this could easily be achieved by the C6 software, simply transfer the desired samples one by one from the Machinedrum to the computer via usb in the unconverted sds format, switch the sample bank on the Machinedrum, then bulk transfer the samples to the desired partition.


On that note, is it possible to change sample banks either between kits/patterns or at least instantly from the MCL?


Unfortunately there is no mechanism to control the +drive that I know of.