MiniCommand Resurrection // MCLive


1.0.1a boards out for fab.

This will be the final board.

As a bonus, I managed to squeeze in an extra IC. A 12bit dual channel DAC. Meaning you could use the MegaCommand to play stereo WAV files from the SD card, or turn the MegaCommand in to a wave table synthesizer or use the DAC to generate CV output for your synths.


bear in mind we’re all expecting this thing to make top quality espresso as well.


So I reworked the code for MidiClockCall backs which were basically functionality to trigger events on a specific pattern step of the MD sequencer.

Long story short, I have them working reliably now and can actually sequence the MD sequencer completely from the Megacommand (excluding parameter locks). The phase offset between the internal sequencer and the MC is acceptable, similar to syncing two drum machines together. The phase of the sequenced sounds is very tight.

This does add for some interesting possibilities. One of them is conditional trigs which I am planning to implement shortly. Use the accent tracks to specify which trigs should be conditional (accent is fairly useless on the MD, global accent should still be usable if needed).

The other possibility is micro timing.


I’ve got a 16 track sequencer working with:

micro-timing (5 degrees left or right of the pattern step)
conditional trigs
individual track lengths (up to 64 steps).


Added a realtime record mode, with micro-timing.


Hey Justin,

I appreciate all you’re doing for the MiniCommand. You also have killer MD skills on youtube & make great techno. Will any of this new firmware be usable with the original MiniCommand?



Yeah I should be able to back port the changes.


Parameter Locks working, with triglesss locks.
Aiming for 4 parameters per track, with 64 lockable steps.


Some audio latency calcs:

Turbo Midi 4x baud:
31250 * 4 = 125000bs
125, 000 / 8 = 15625Bs

Time to transmit single byte at 4x Turbo Mid:

1/15625 = 0.000064s

Max Locks per step (16 * 4)
Max Notes per step (16)

Max bytes per step:
16 * 3 = 48
16 * 4 * 3 = 192

Worst case Note transmission:
48 * 0.000064 = 0.003072 = 3ms
Worst case Lock transmission:
192 * 0.000064 = 0.012288 = 12 ms


Some bad news. MIDI note messages can’t be interleaved with SYSEX messages. Infact this causes the MD sequencer and sound engine to go crazy.

This kind of bums out my ‘seamless’ integration of the sequencer features with MCLive.

Still investigating workarounds.


MD Sequencer is 95% finished.
Just ironing out some bugs and GUI layout.

Feature Recap:

  • 16 Track Sequencer with independent track lengths (64 max steps).
  • Conditional Trigs and Micro Timing per step.
    10 degrees left or right of centre.

  • Conditional Modes:

  • L1,L2,L3,L4,L5,L6,L7,L8 (For Ln, step is only triggered after every n iterations of track)
    P10, P25, P50, P75, P90 (For Pxx, step has a xx% chance of being triggered)

  • 4 lockable paramaters per track with 64 locks per parameter.

    • Lockable parameters are MIDI learnt and recordable from the MD.
  • Trigless Locks.

  • Real time record for both step and lock data.

  • Chromatic Mode. (Machine pitch values are chromatically mapped to the MD. Melodies are recordable)

Machinedrum vs Digitakt

Well, next August then, isn’t it :slight_smile: ?
great work, good luck


Recordable melody would be turbo-cool


Idea for the mkII version in a couple of years … transparent casing, same size and in fact design as the Machinedrum, rack-mountable, with a 16 trig button sequencer


Justin, thanks for Your work and for updates on Your progress. I do hope that every bug that You encounter would be eventually worked around and this product will be in usable state soon. Meanwhile I’m saving procurement money ;]

I also hope that some day You’ll do some jams on youtube again - that four-part one was magnificent, one of those that really showcase what MD can do, being very musical & fun to listen to at the same time. Thanks for sharing that one, btw.



The final 1.0.1a PCBs have been built and tested.

You can now follow the documentation to build your own MegaCommand:

I’ve recorded 2 videos, depicting the entire build process (annotations to follow).
It will take 2-3 hours to solder up the board.

Only the MCLive firmware is working at this stage, there are still compile errors for Wesen’s original MiniCommand firmwares.

Also, for those of you that were asking whether or not I could port the new sequencer functions to the MiniCommand, it looks like this will not be possible due to program space limitations on the original hardware.

Machinedrum vs analog rytm vs other? VI (a new hope)


Nice solder joints! :panda:


Did not realise the Analog 4 mini keyboard transmits MIDI note data.

I’m sick of no LEGATO record, so i’m going to expand MCL internal sequencer to have 5 additional Analog 4 MIDI tracks and do all the Analog4 sequencing from within the minicommand.


To Elektron, please hire @JustinValer to work on adding features to your boxes full-time, ok? Thanks!