MidiTraC StepSequencer - inspired by Roland JX-3P & MSQ-700


MidiTraC, a polyphonic MultiTrack Step Sequencer like to the one used in the Roland JX-3P. The input via midi keyboard can be monophonic as well as polyphonic. Sustain serves as a switch for Tie & Rest. While sustaining a note, Sustain causes the note to extend, depending on the Clock Divider. In conjunction with my Arturia keystep, the transport buttons can be used for START, STOP and RECORD. Another practical feature is the HOLD button, which can be set to Toggle via ControlCenter. (as shown in the video) MidiTraC controlled via LoopBack some VST’s in Ableton, but the software can also be used with hardware Synth’s or multitimbral (eg G2 Nord Modular). The MIDI channel, activated via the keyboard controller is recorded and played back. The number of steps or tracks and polyphony is arbitrary; in the attached VS build, a maximum of 1024 steps and 8-fold polyphony are possible.


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MidiTraC v0.4:

  • send MidiClock
  • adjust BPM during play
  • add Keyboard Controls:
    • adjust ClkDiv while recording = [LSHIFT]
    • stop Step recording / Play = [LSTRG]
    • start Step Record / Stop = [ESCAPE]
    • erase Buffer while recording = [BACK]
    • erase Tracks while playing = [RSHIFT]
    • adjust Tempo while playing = [LEFT<>Right]
  • liveRecordings
    • press [SPACE] while playing to start liveRec.-Mode…
    • recording is enaled till the end of the pattern, if Notes are recorded.
    • after liveRec.-Mode ends itself, recorded Notes are quantize to 8n Notes
  • smaller UI and new MemoryManagement
  • display Stats while playing
  • add undo function…