Midi woes

Have finalised a setup I’d like to use but am having midi feedback issues.

I’ve explained in the document what I’d like it to be able to do and maybe I’m asking too much!

Main ‘problem’ is having either the Micron or the Ambika looped thru’ the PC connection via the 828 as this causes a loopback (midi feedback) altho’ they will work individually?

Rather than show my ‘non working’ setup I thought it best to leave it blank so it can be wired up correctly.

If my description isn’t clear please ask for more info but hopefully it should make sense??



MIDI Setup.pdf (231.8 KB)
Audio setup_4_wi midi.docx (66.1 KB)

Well, having several “sequencer” sending all their outputs to one MIDI merge device, which, I guess, is only supporting one MIDI port and having 16 MIDI channels, is quite begging for issues.

From your description I can’t derive, what workflow or dataflow you want to realise.

If you want to have most flexibilty and control to send and receive MIDI crisscross your setup, a MIDI patch-matrix would be the best solution.

If I plan a MIDI-network, I identify, what my workflow shall be and then derive from that point on the most simple network topology as needed …

I use only one sequencer as master. Second tier sequencers may be used as well and receive synchronisation, but do not send back into the network such that a collision with the master sequencer is possible. Second tier sequencers control instruments directly, which also don’t sent back to the network. I use a MIDI patch-matrix, if I want to swap the role of the master sequencer.

Thanks for the reply, the only one!

Alas I was hoping my description in the documentation explained the workflow and not sure what I haven’t explained?



IMO your post showed schematics of a possible MIDI network, but not what its intention was.

Let me try to explain what I ment by “workflow” … taking one of my setups as an example.

I like to work DAW-less for jamming and finding inspiration. For this I need one sequencer, supporting play back of mutliple tracks and pattern. To control other gear it shall provide clock, PGM changes, MIDI notes, and CCs. This sequencer shall also record me playing live on some keyboards, catch my ideas, and loop the pattern instantly after recording with a minimum of me having to push buttons. Menu diving is a no-go. Everything shall go smooth, easy, straight, and quickly.

Now … this setup is organised as follows:

The MPC is master clock and controller. All other instruments are synchronized and controlled directly from the MPC. To distribute all the MIDI from the MPC, I use the different outputs of the MPC and MIDI-Through devices.

Some of the synths have keyboards, which I want to play live and record all events to the sequencer on the fly. Those keyboards are connected to a midi merge device and the merged MIDI is routed into the MPC. Now I can play on the keyboards and record everything I do. The only thing left to consider is, to have either the MPC (which is my default solution) or the keyboards (local on) preventing MIDI-loops. The AR in this setup may receive notes, but may also be controlled by it’s own sequencer. The AR sequencer will be synchronised to the MPC. Patterns are created live during the playback of the other tracks and stored on the AR. Same goes for other Elektron boxes, if conncected to this setup.

Since I work with a MIDI-patch-matrix with the matrix in the middle of the MPC and the other gear, I can also use the OT as master changing roles with the MPC.

It might be easier to get help if you just list your gear. Are you use the micron as the controller for everything?

List my gear?

I have, its in the attached pdf/doc.

Digitone, Digitakt, Micron, Ambika, Sruthi, dual 303.

DT is master clk and transport send. Program changes won’t be sent but sysX would be nice to Ambika and if poss Micron via 828 midi interface. Micron is only keyboard and must be able to control any midi channel.

I’ve explained which sequencer controls which instrument and channel.

You seem to be asking questions that have been clearly shown/explained already?

Maybe I’m missing something, apologies for my lack of knowledge.


Only 2 replies and neither of much help.

Equipment clearly listed, still dont get that one?

I’m not interested in anyone else’s setup either, hopefully that doesn’t sound to selfish…


Either DN or DT can be master but DT will O/P Midi 9-16 to control AMBIKA (9/14) and dual TM303’s (15/16), this ties up nicely with DT numbered pads.

DN will control MICRON on midi 1-4, forget the Sruthi for now.

Even forget sending SysEx back via the 828x to PC.

Micron MUST be able to play ANY midi CH and DT and DN MUST record notes into their respective sequencers and play them back to the respective channels.

I have a 2 way merge, a 4 way merge and 4 way thru’ to add into the mix.

Sound simple to someone out there? I hope so as it’s confusing the hell out of me.

ANY help would be much appreciated, but no silly questions please, they have been asked already!


How impolite. Please adopt a better behavior, or look for help elsewhere.

I personally use iConnectivity solutions (check MIO4) to be able to route any MIDI signal to any other, it makes dealing with particular setup easy, especially to avoid midi loopback.


Does the Micron have ’local off’ (decouple keyboard from synth engine)?
As far as I can tell your setup - DT master and sequencing Ambika and 303s, DN sequencing Micron would work with Micron set to local off (Micron -> midi out -> thru box -> DT and DN midi in).

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Thanks Schnork, a useful reply. I will look into it and report back



Btw, I can vouch for the MIO4 (if you need more I/O, there are larger models), really simplified my setup!
It‘s been working flawlessly from the beginning, awesome little box.

Looks amazing with the ability to re map any of the midi ports. I’m sure this would work for ANY midi setup.

If I cant get my setup to work I’ll definitely be using it.

Thanks again.


ALL the sequencer O/Ps must merge and still ‘talk’ to ALL instruments so the MERGE is essential. I’ve come up with another wiring diagram but am away from my gear till later tonight.

I think MERGE ALL; PC, DN, DT & MICRON, one merge O/P to midi thru’ with O/P to DT, DN & MICRON (midi ins) , the other merged O/P to AMBIKA with midi thru’ to 303’s

OP wasn’t sufficiently impressed by the quality of the responses