MIDI USB Question!


Hi guys - just wondering if anyone has tried using a USB midi keyboard plugged straight into the USB input of the digitakt? If so, what have been your findings?

I have a Roli Seaboard Block that has a USB C output. So I would require a USB C/B cable to work between the 2. Quite a rare find to be honest… Mainly used for printers connecting to newer laptops…

Before I purchase and wait for postage… I would like to be confident this will work without issues… My main use would be for the Seaboard to control a few other Synths/Devices I have in the chain. I believe the Digitakt should act as a good host no?

Thanks for any input and apologies if this topic has been discussed elsewhere…


The DT isn’t a MIDI host I’m afraid.
You’ll have to go with a MIDI/ USB host box such as the hobbytronics one, it works fine for me with differing MIDI controllers and a DT or my other machines.


Hi, thanks for response.
I think I used a bad choice of words when I said “MIDI Host”

I meant - would the Digitakt receive MIDI data from a USB MIDI Keyboard via it’s USB input?

I have a Kenton USB/MIDI Host box but am using that with a large master keyboard with the MIDI out running to a Hardware MIDI Sequencer - which then runs into the MIDI input of Digitakt. So I am only left with the USB in of the Digitakt. As long as it can receive MIDI data - it should them be able to pass that to a selected out channel no?

Or have I missed it again…?


No. It’s not a USB host. This is required for ‘translation’ of USB signals to MIDI information AFAIK.


Right you are… Thanks

It’s a shame there isn’t many devices out there that address this issue.
I know there is the iConnectivity stuff and the Kenton box.
But all these require extra hubs if you have multiple USB etc… and are limited when it comes to routing.

All it would take is a Raspberry Pi in a box with a few (more that 1) USB I/O’s
and a few (more than 3) MIDI DINS I/O’s with an open source script to change the routings as you please.

If I knew how to do this I would start tomorrow and retire on it :wink:
Thanks for your help anyways… Cheers


If I understand your question correctly this would be a no even if you could get it connected. The usb midi and the din midi on the digitakt are not connected to one another. And thus Usb midi cannot be passed through to din midi to another synth


You’re welcome.

The USB port doesn’t even output power - I purchased a B - A adaptor so I could plug in a USB desk LED lamp, cost 4€ in IKEA - nice, warm & bright, in order to illuminate the device, but no dice.


I totally agree with you!

The OP-Z is the first device I know that can be a USB host as well as a USB device. I hope more come soon.


The iconnectivity box I have, the mio4, has pretty good routing and filtering features. At least, if you use the old configuration software (the new Auracle thing is still very basic.)

And it can be connected to multiple computers, which is neat. And it has an rj45 Ethernet port on it for when you want to make your setup really complicated ^^

Shame it has no wifi option. And as you pointed out, only one onboard USB host port.


You can connect a wifi router to the mios Ethernet port and control all your hardware gear from say an IPad remotely… I do this with ICM4+, have my own local network with no internet connection just for midi and my Philips hue lights… Once I get Luminair or similar (think there’s cheap options now) for IPad I’ll be able to sequence my wireless multicolor lights from OT midi tracks. :smiley:

And yeah, @focalsounds, the iconnects have quite advanced routing if you use the Iconfig software, I don’t personally know of any MIDI box that has more advanced routing…


Thanks for all the input guys…

The iConnectivity stuff does look good… though it requires a powered USB hub to use a secondary USB Midi Devise. Slightly disappointing considering there 2-3 USB B ports on front for computers etc…

Anyways, I think I’ll except defeat on this one. Until the market demands more crossover and communication between USB & MIDI. Definitely a market for it…it seems :slight_smile:




Use a Axoloti, works better for this. :okej:


Hey guys, slightly off-topic but maybe someone here will know, is the DT able to power a Keystep? @mightlife mentioned that it doesn’t output power at all? :confused:


Nope :anguished:


Thank you for the quick answer! This would have been so awesome but oh well.


You’re welcome.

Indeed, but it seems the USB port is strictly for Overbridge connection and sample transfer.
I tried connecting my DT and AR via their USB ports (enabling MIDI over USB on both devices, in and out ports, send and receive clock enabled correctly as well), but they don’t sync.
It could be the USB A-B adaptor I’m using I guess.


ICM provides 500mA over the usb host port to be shared between devices that need power, powered devices won’t use any. I use an unpowered hub and connect multiple powered usb devices and some unpowered. If you have a computer you should be able to hook up a device and find how much power it needs, on Mac you go to system report and you can view your usb device tree…


Neither DT or AR are usb hosts, such as a computer or standalone usb midi host device. Usb specs require a device to be a host, just the way it is. You can connect AR and DT over usb by having a computer or midi host device in between them…


That makes sense. If I had a MIDI/ USB host box which supported USB MIDI in & out (rather than USB in and DIN MIDI in/ out), I would test this idea.