Midi tracks refused tp play, needed reboot


Plays free midi tracks were slightly broken for an OS or two but supposedly they were fixed.


I part change all the time… I’m the opposite OT user that does everything backwards from the other users, I use my 4 parts per bank then move to the next leaving a bunch of empty patterns behind…

Part changes need trigs to kick them in. If you do them when stopped you need to double stop to kick em in… For good measure, whenever you stop, double stop, if the sequencer is running, triple stop. The first one stops the sequencer, then the double stop fully sets in the part.


Just smash that button until everything is really, really dead (no zombies allowed). Questions can be asked later :smiley:


Hang in there… Many folks don’t make it past this phase, we all have to go through it… It gets better!
As far as overheating I’ve had mine run for over 24 hours in a loft above a fireplace in the high 90’sF, never a hitch…