MIDI Track priority?

I’m trying to use MIDI tracks to control some program changes on a pedal.
I noticed that if i put 2 MIDI tracks with the same MIDI channel only the one with the smaller number is taken in account.
I.e the track 6 has priority on the 7, the 5 on the 6, etc.

I’d like to use 2 different FX on the same pattern with the pedal so i’d need to have 2 different program changes ready to be fired.
Any workaround?

Have you tried parts?
Habe you tried just using one track and mapping an encoder to the correct CC number that manages programme change?

I don’t wanna use Parts for now since i’d like to use it in the same pattern.
I’m already mapping the program change encoder but i’d like to have another program change mapped for the same channel.
It’s a PITA that the crossfader can’t control MIDI tracks.

Weird. I often use more than one midi track to control the same channel, never had the problem you describe.

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It might come from the pedal then…

What’s really weird is that the track 7 don’t work even if i mute the 6…

Manual, page 89:
If several tracks are assigned to the same MIDI channel the track with the lowest number has priority in regard to parameter collisions.

You are correct that there is priority. However in my experience only occurs when you have multiple events happening on the same step, or for example two MIDI lfos affecting the same CC. Work around would be muting the conflicting track with higher priority.

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Yep i tried that with no luck.
The problem occurs just for the program change though, the rest is working. Maybe the MIDI implementation of the pedal.

Maybe a program change is regarder as a collision parameter by the OT.

It does work but, there is another problem : the program change is sent only once. Part change or tweak needed to send it again.

For 1 pattern and different program changes, I can see : a midi processor, or another sequencer handling program changes better, like Digis…

I thought unmuting a track would change the Program Change again. Even if i change the program change manually on the upper track it doesn’t send it. It keeps obeying to the program change of the lower track.

Even if the lower track is muted?

I’m not sure you’ll get something convenient with 1 pattern and 2 program changes with OT but you can try.

Indeed I come to the same conclusion :wink:
In this case i might even have to change the Part actually.

I use several midi tracks set to the same midi channel quite often (mute/unmute to change between tracks without having to change patterns). It works well, but when I want to use program changes (I’d have the same program on all midi tracks, so not trying to switch between different programs, just want to have one program per part to automate preset switches at certain points), OT keeps re-sending the program change after one master length cycle. Even happens when only one track has a program change set and another track only points to the same midi channel. So it’s either one midi track with program change or multiple midi tracks controlling the same synth and no program changes at all.

Not sure if it has always been like this… Anyone else experiences this?

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Ah weird indeed. Usually with OT, similar messages are sent only once consecutively.

I experienced several tracks on the same channel, but I’m not sure if I tested program change at the same time.

Anyway, the fact that messages are only sent once and the need to change part to send a program change always pissed me off. I simply don’t use them with OT, or I use a midi processor, as I like the possibility to change PC randomly.
Digi’s are much better for that !

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Hello there !

What about using the fill fonction ? Maybe it can be a solution, if you can make a one time trig with this condition. So you can use only one midi track, but this will work just for 2 program changes.

Didn’t try myself.

On OT program changes are sent when a part change happens or after double pressing stop - you’re probaply thinking about the Digis, that can lock program changes to trigs(?)

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That would be ace on the OT.


I did some tests today and could not replicate it. Same project, but unused bank, started from the default 16 step pattern with scale per track off and then step by step worked towards I had set it up the last time (scale per track active, several 8 step midi tracks, master length 32 steps), but it worked without problems. Even after I had copied/pasted tracks, no issues (I had this feeling the copy/paste process might cause problems).
I worked from lower track number up to higher track numbers this time (usually I start with midi track 8, then 7, then 6 etc.), will do more tests later.

It’s still happening in the other bank when I set program changes on two tracks, though!

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