Midi syncing OT with Logic X


Hi there,

I have been trying to get this to work, to no avail. The manuals, the options, the Googles…

Logic X is receiving MIDI note values from the OT.
So it has to be in the smaller details that this is not working (either OT or Logic X).

I would like to press play on the OT and have it transmit this to Logic X.
I have tried to enable this in Logic X (receive) and OT (send in MIDI options).

What should I do?

PS: Count-in is off (not sure if this is still an issue)

Logic X sync manual (that doesn’t seem to accept logical settings): https://support.apple.com/kb/PH13383?locale=en_US


I have same issue, did you find something ?
I guess there’s a problem with logic midi messages …

It’s been a minute since I tried this and I’m a bit foggy from a late night, but I did get this sort of working before. So, I use OT as clock source and transport for hardware, and I wanted to sync effectrix plugin in logic. Logic needs more than midi clock and start to control transport. I believe what I did to trick this into working was set logic to Output sync to OT, and on OT set transport to receive and send but set clock to send only. Set logic to the tempo of the OT. Now press play in logic and the OT will start and send start and clock to your hardware as if you pressed play on the OT. Works but your stuck in one tempo…

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thank you buddy !

Did you ever get this to work?