MIDI setup questions

Hi guys,

I have some little issue to clock and send midi notes to my setup right and after a lot of research i think i really miss a little thing to make it work.

So i have
Analog Rytm
Analog Four
DSI tetra

I just want the digitakt to be the master clock for all
AND send note only to the DSI tetra.

I dont have a midi splitter and i want to know if i can do without,

Actually setup like this

Digitakt- midi out > midi in -Analog Four- midi out > midi in -Analog Rytm.

Im trying to use the Digitakt- midi thru > midi in-DSI tetra to send note but nothing happened.

When i go Digitakt midi out > midi in DSI Tetra it works but i loose the clock send to the analog four.

I dont really understand if THRU ports ae sending something or just use as ‘’ bridge ‘’

A solution will be appretiated.

Thanks :slight_smile:

thru’s repeat the original master signal. outs simply send a master clock from that specific device, so you want to daisy chain your gear with “thru’s”.

DT out to A4 in.
A4 thru to AR in.
AR thru to Tetra in.

for example.

Make sure your elektron thru ports are correctly configured in each devices midi port setting etc. im not at my studio so cant recall every setting required at this moment.


Thru passes on whatever comes in on the In port.

You want to be using Out from the Digitakt (as the ‘master’ device in this setup) and Thru from all the others.

The Digitakt needs to be set to transmit midi clock and transport. Each device after the Digitakt needs to be set to receive midi clock and transport, and not to transmit. Everything should also be set to unique midi channels (be aware that devices often use a range of midi channels for their internal tracks, not just a single channel). Then, sequence the notes for the Tetra on the Digitakt using the matching midi channel for the Tetra. Then everything else will ignore what’s on that channel and the Tetra will play the notes correctly, and everything will start together and sync to the DT’s tempo.


Remember you can set Tetra’s OUT to a THRU in the global settings. (MIDI OutSel:Thru)


Weeeee thanks you very much guys it works perfectly. :slight_smile:

<3 love ya’ll


Hi guys, I know this threat is almost a year old but I want to give it a try. is it possible to use midi config of the machines itself for the next setup:

DT > AR > A4 > TB-3

The tricky part here is that I also want to use a midi keyboard for the A4

I[quote=“Tieske, post:6, topic:44854”]
. is it possible to use midi config of the machines itself for the next setup:

DT > AR > A4 > TB-3

The tricky part here is that I also want to use a midi keyboard for the A4

Yes. With care in setting MIDI channels on all units, you can connect your MIDI keyboard to the MIDI In port of the Digitakt and have the Digitakt route the Note messages to the correct instrument in the chain.

Hi Peter thanks for the reply! Do I need to use the MIDI thru ports of the Digitakt and Analog Rytm for the chain? Or are the MIDI in/out ports sufficient enough?

My solution (there are others) in your situation would be:

Keyboard Out to DT In
DT Out to AR In
AR Thru to AF In
AF Thru to TB-3 In

This allows the DT to route the keyboard’s messages to any of the other instruments by using the appropriate MIDI channels, and allows the DT to be the master click for the whole system.


Hi Peter,

Thanks again! You helped me a lot understanding the machine’s MIDI options. I do think I need a MIDI merge box though because “you loose the sync from the digitakt, because MIDI thru just mirrors what’s coming in to MIDI in.” as described in this threat: Digitakt + Digitone MIDI Setup

But thanks anyway! :smiley:

You don’t need a MIDI Merge box. In the other topic that you linked to, the OP wanted to pass MIDI clock messages from the instrument that is connected to the DT’s MIDI In port. From what you have told us about your setup, that’s not the case for you.

That’s true but I was coming up with this threat because I can only send either MIDI clock with out port of DT or send notes with thru port of DT for A4. But cannot do both at the same time via out on DT. Channel of keyboard is 14. So is autochannel on the A4 which is the 4th device in the chain.

Set the MIDI channel number on the keyboard to match the autochannel number on the DT.

Set the DT’s MIDI track channel number(s) to match the receiving MIDI channel numbers on the AF.

When you select a MIDI track on the DT, you should now be able to play the AF from the keyboard.

Thanks buddy! Very nice :sunglasses: