MIDI Question - New owner

I just got my MnM on Monday and I’m loving it. I’ve been spending some seriously quality time with the manual and the unit, but I’m a bit stuck.

I have my 6 internal sequences running and working totally fine. Now I want to control my 4 external synths. I have the MIDI out of the MnM going into a Yamaha MIDI hub, then going out to my 4 synths that are on channels 1-4. When I am in MIDI mode on the MnM, I can trigger sounds and sequences for the synths no problem. However, when I’m back in the internal mode and I hit a trigger note, I hear both the outboard synth AND the internal synth. Obviously, that’s not what I want to happen, but I can’t figure out what settings I need to change to prevent this from happening.



Gotcha! I’ll try that and see what happens. Thanks, Peter!

So that did not work.

I open the GLOBAL settings by hitting the FUNCTION and GLOBAL buttons. Then I choose SLOT 1. In there i go to CONTROL, then CONTROL OUT1.

Sequencer - INT

And now, for some reason, I can ONLY control my external synths when in regular internal mode. I have my MIDI Channels set to Base Channel 5 as my hardware is on channels 1-4.

EDIT: So if I turn KEYBOARD to INT, then I don’t hear the hardware synth when I press a trig, but now, even in MIDI SEQ mode, I can’t control any of my gear.

EDIT 2: It turns out I had to change the OUT MIDI channels in the MIDI SEQ Settings.

Goddamnit. Ok. So I got the hardware working. I can go into MIDI SEQ mode and hear the synth when I press a TRIG key. But now, when I place a note in the sequencer, it’s not playing anything. I have no idea what’s going on here.

Deep breath!

What do you now have set in the following?

[li]GLOBAL > CONTROL > MIDI CHANNELS menu (which is for the internal tracks)[/li]
[li]GLOBAL > CONTROL > CONTROL OUT 1 menu[/li]
[li]Trk and Ch columns in GLOBAL > MIDI SEQ > MIDISEQ SET menu (which is for the MIDI sequencer tracks)[/li]

Which MIDI channels are your other synths now set to receive on?

I managed to get it to work. I had to change the channels in the MIDI SEQ SET to mirror my hardware. They were set to 10 and up, whereas my hardware is on 1-4.

But, of course, now I’m running into a bunch of other problems… I have no idea what’s going on


Thank you for your help and patience. I def. want to rock this machine. I’m having a blast with it so far, but I’m getting frustrated with things not working properly.

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