Midi Pattern Management - import and export


As new Analog Rytm MkII user I am quite shocked to detect that I can’t export or import Midi patterns from or to the Analog Rytm.

Are there any third party tools for Windows or iOS out there for a workaround, to pass by this truly bizarre weakness, wich is simply burying all grooves made with the device within the device???


My app (Collider) for iOS sends and receives Patterns (In RYTM format, not MIDI though), there is a big makeover update coming next week for it as well.


Thanks, just downloaded it: that’s a nice tool!

Even if it does not solve my DAW import/export problem, it offers very useful pattern management possibilities. Looking forward to your update!

Any short manual pdf available for it?


If you hit “Tips” on each different View Mode, you will get pop-ups explaining functions.

The new version has been slimmed down and includes better Tips / Explanations and a nicer UI which will help users figure out things easier. I’m almost done, just polishing up some final details. Current version is super ugly :frowning:


Now you have made me really curious to see the new version :smiley:


Collider is really useful!

It’s great that Collider saves Kits and other things.
It would be super cool if it could also save and reload patterns.
Any chance?


I forget why I didn’t include that to begin with :[ . I will have to revisit that when the new OS comes out. The next update is just the visual overhaul + optimizations.