MIDI Out & Chokes

Haven’t updated to the latest firmware yet, so I haven’t been able to test it myself. I was wondering, how does MIDI out affect chokes, e.g. Mid Tom and High Tom choke each other because they share the same voice. If I had mid tom playing something, and sequence for MIDI out on the high tom (but have it muted or at 0 volume), will the high tom choke the mid tom?



A muted/silenced track being used for MIDI will still choke the pad to its left (if paired) though right? So if I wanted to use one of a pair of channels for MIDI without interfering with another channel’s audio it’ll have to be the left one of a given pair?

For a shared voice pair let’s say the left is lesser; so a Trig(step1) on Track 9 will not sound T9sound if a Trig exists on T10(step1), T10sound is heard - in this case both MIDI notes play though

If you think of left as lesser and donate it to MIDI and Disable the Synth Engine then you will get the same behaviour you would even if MIDI was not part of the Party - the above case holds true, T10 sounds when Trigs are sharing a step, but a Trig(step2) on the Disabled T9 will ‘choke’ the long decay HiHat on T10 even though T9 is disabled - it is not divorced from influencing the main Track of the pair - even a triglock on T9 will interrupt T10 sounding - midi notes remain exclusive to interference

Things are more challenging if you donate the rightmost track T10 to MIDI because along with sequential choking, you will override T9 sounding when there are trigs (even just lock trigs) on concurrent steps

I think I discussed elsewhere the compelling need now for a new Track Machine called MIDI which is like Disabled, but which also divorces itself from influencing its neighbour from a pair (either way)

Coincidentally, I’m going to look back at some of my earliest AR gripe posts regarding voice priority, I’m pretty sure this behaviour(below) I disliked has been quietly changed - it related to voice priority and my tendency to record lots of lock automation resulting in Trig Locks, those trig locks on lesser tracks as I recall it would activate the envelope of the main shared voice track, it always threw me and I couldn’t work out why it didn’t drive folk crazy - this seems to have been changed, that’s an aside, but MIDI introduces a new dimension to this whole shared voice area - we are really in need of a new machine or a reworking of how Disabled in interpreted, Disabled should free the voice pair up so a Disabled Machine track cannot interfere at all - as it can now and before MIDI etc - this is a compelling FR imho

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I think the original reports were during the beta days, but the second description seems more prescriptive and I didn’t notice this in my experiments above - really keen to see if this was eventually addressed

It doesn’t relate to MIDI, but somewhat to the unexpected way voice pairs behaved