Midi-lfo to velocity?

Is there a workaround to assign a midi-lfo to velocity?

yep. midi cable. out to in.

Or use an octatrack… :slight_smile:

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I guess you mean with an lfo on CC4 (Velocity)?

And yes, with OT, with lfo on velocity we got our PROB setting. :content:

On the tone midi flo, velocity is a specific destination as well :).Great about this is that you can apply 4 modulation destinations to velocity in the mod matrix section.


I didn’t see it. I didn’t upgraded to 1.30B though.

When you do, it’s FUNC+Trig, scroll down, Velocity Mod

I already used Velocity Mod, but I didn’t see Velocity as destination, which would be nice. CC4 (Velocity) as dest is doable if you assign it to a CC1-8.

Velocity Mod is the only mod you can record with audio tracks, or use as a live macro in audio mode without using Trig Setup menu, so yes, it’s really interesting.
Still hoping a Perf / Mute mode!