MIDI Lag on DT and LC XL

Hi everyone! I have been having problems sending midi signal from the Launch control XL to the DT, specifically at the levels of the tracks in the internal mixer from the faders, the problem is that there is a delay of 1 to 2 seconds from when I move the slide until the volume reacts, I have map the faders on chanels 1 to 8 on CC 95 on user template 1, I have used aum as ableton as host, and in both it presents the same problem, I do not know if it is a bug of the DT, bad configuration from me, or a too long chain :expressionless:.

I have used the sliders in ableton and aum directly and there is no problem. Same on filter or other parameters on DT.

apparently this happens only in the internal mixer.

I have searched and I have not found information about it, perhaps a bad search on my part.

If anyone knows about the subject, I would be very grateful.


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this can help

also try to find the answer here:

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RK-005 is no longer made, RK-006 is the current product.

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so the only way is to buy a usb / midi hub?

I wonder if anyone else has experienced this problem with the int mixer.

thanks for the answers!