MIDI in/out issue

In my current setup I have an external keyboard controlling the Model:Cycles, connected through the MIDI input jack. I also have the MIDI output connected to an external synth, T6 is configured to send MIDI notes out to the synth and everything seems to work.

The problem comes when I want to play the external synth using the external keyboard while recording what I’m playing on the Model:Cycles. The notes I’m playing do get recorded but they are not sent out to the synth, which means I can record a sequence and then play it back on the synth but I won’t be able to hear it while I’m playing.

Setting the MIDI output to “THROUGH” (instead of “OUT”) kinda solves the problem but not really: I can record a sequence while hearing what I’m playing but then the recorded sequence won’t play. After I record a sequence I have to change the MIDI output setting back to “OUT” to be able to hear what I just played, which is not ideal.

Anybody else had this issue? Is there a solution that I’m not seeing?

PS: this does not change the fact that I am in love with this machine, it’s sooooo fun to play with.

I was also surprised when first hooking up my MC that the midi wasn’t passed along when playing from an external keyboard. I couldn’t find any solution so far.

Hope elektron fix this. was really looking forward to sequence my modular from the m:c