Midi Implementation with Pickup Machines


New to this forum. Thanks for any responses to my query.

So, i have setup my octatrack with 8 pickup machines and i have midi pedal that is sending:

pedal 1: midi note 60(should start the loop and any overdubs, essentially rec 1 button)
pedal 2: midi note 64 (start the loop and stop overdubs, essentially rec 2 button)
pedal 3: midi note 68 (change active track down)
pedal 4: midi note 69 (change active track up)

My problem is that on track one, everything works fine. I then change the track using the 3rd pedal to track 2 and press record (midi note 60) and the track jumps back to overdubbing track one. Why can’t i record on the new track?

Is there something i am missing?

Sounds like you maybe look into the Auto Channel functionality if not using it already.

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the channel on the foot pedal i have set to 11. i have also set the octatracks midi auto channel to 11. it still jumps back to recording track 1.

It’s been a while since I did this, it’s doable, but I forget the config considerations. There will be setup info buried in the pickup machine threads, might be worth browsing those in the meantime

thanks anyways buddy.

What channels are configured for track 1 and track 2 on the OT?

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track 1 midi channel 1
track 2 midi channel 2

If all pedals are really configured to send on the auto channel (11 in your case), then everything seems okay.

Do you see the active track change to track 2 on the OT (track led)?

btw: In the weird cases (when everything looks okay, but won’t work) rebooting the OT may help …

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