MIDI finger drumming on OT


I´m a bit overwhelmed with all the thing you do guys and with MIDI processing in general…

A cheap and simple solution could be a Trigger Finger Pro or PadKontrol? I mean, direct Din MIDI connector (the MPD218 is only USB).

I´m now thinking about MIDI processors and I´m really frightened LOL.


Do you have any latency triggering the slices through the RK ? I’m shortly going to order one.
Thanks for the script upload btw


Midi processor structures are really not that hard to grasp you have basically an

input midi message.

You choose which midi channel is concerned ( one,all , a range )
You choose the event to process : note on, note off, cc, midi note, pitch bend etc…
If avaliable you specify which value to expect from the specific parameter.

Ex : Only cc 48 to 54 will be processed if their value is between 10 and 45 and only if they are either on channel 12 or 15.

If any of this condition is met then store cc value in a variable.

Then output a pitch bend midi message on channel 2 with the variable as the value.

You can then add other lines to process different ranges of value…

In your case, you could listen to velocity input from your controller and map this to the volume value of the ot and use once again the velocity value to make some fine pitch drifting depending on how hard you hit the pads. Meanwhile on knob on your controller could modify the slices you play…

A really simple useage I have setup on my bome box is that Midi tracks of my octatrack send notes to the bome box which convert them to program changes to all my gears. this way I can change all synth presets from one interface…

In case of the bome box the definite advantage is that you can connect your computer, usb controllers, classic din all at once and process messages like keystroke and looking for specific strings of text for exemple…But it’s the most expensive…


Not noticeable to me, if I use it with right crossfader settings (I can detail later).

Another cool thing : you can map HOLD to 0 when receiving notes off, so you can stop notes normally while recording.


https://www.play-joue.com/en/ check this out


I’ve used an akai lpd successfully, map the note numbers on the pads from 36 upwards set to the autochannel. It’s USB midi so you’ll need either a converter or a computer with some sort of midi interface. It has a note repeat button with different time divisions that syncs to clock too. I’ve got the wireless Bluetooth version, seems to work fine but I prefer wired to save hassle


LPD8? Same pad quality as MPD218?

Concerning usb to midi I bought an IConnectMidi2 for 35€, no brainer if it works.
I’ll try it next week with a KMI KBOARD, hopping to finger drum on it too…
KBOARD have 2 octaves, like OT !


It looks like the 218 has thicker pads like the mpc live, probably better to spring for that OP unless you want wireless. I actually bought mine for use with the iPad as something easy to stick in my bag so the Bluetooth is convenient. it just found second use the other day when I thought to use it with OT. K-board would be a sweet addition