Midi device configuration - OT/synth/Ableton


Hello to all! Second post. Happy new OT user here.

[Now edited and corrected :)]

I have a question re midi configuration. I want to configure:

  1. OT mk 2 (Has midi in, out, thru);
  2. Blofeld Keys (has midi in, out but NO THRU)
  3. Ableton Live 10 (Focusrite Scarlett 6i6 interface with midi in/out).

Things are slightly tricky because the Blofeld doesn’t have a midi Thru- this means I can’t “daisy chain” in the usual way.

My objectives are to do the following simultaneously:

  1. To send and recieve midi between the OT and Blofeld. I want to trigger trigs with the Blo Keys, and also sequence the Blofeld with midi (requiring communication both ways).
  2. To also sync the ableton and OT transports - so that Ableton starts when I start the octatrack, and ableton syncs to the OT clock (or vice versa).

Will I be able to achieve this objective with my current configuration? I think the answer is no. In which case will a midi in/out box like the Midiface 4x4 allow me to do this?



Please review your current configuration.


Yes op meant Blofeld I guess. I don’t know if it has soft Thru, which would make possible to send back midi clock to OT in, reflected to OT Thru, connected to Ableton. Midi loopback in that case. Possible midi problems. Not dangerous to test.

A Thru box would be better for sure, unless you want to use midi loopback (control audio tracks with arp, control all with all audio tracks on the same channel…)


Thanks for this - yes my original post was wrong, I have corrected it above :slight_smile:

Could you please suggest a specific configuration, ie where would I locate the midi they box?

Thanks! (I have never used a midi thru box before).


I don’t have it, but a Midi Solution Quadra Thru is oftenly mentioned. I have a A880, 8x8 patchbay, very practical but HUGE, and recently bought an IConnectMidi2 (2 in / 2 out), with more functions than Quadra, including merge, midi filtering, usb to midi (up to 7 usb machines), iPad audio / midi. I bought it to replace my IConnectMidi4+ (4 in, 4 out), a bit too heavy for my light config.

I guess you can use the Blo Usb port with the Iconnect.

With a classic Thru box, connection would be
OT out > Thru box
Thru box Out 1 > Blo
Thru box Out 2 > Ableton
Blo > OT in


I’ve heard ableton is better as master


OT too. :slight_smile:

If Ableton is systematically used, why not Ableton as master. I guess in that case no additional interface needed. I don’t use synced DAWs so I can’t tell.
Btw, even with Ableton slaved, maybe you can set a thru setting, and use Scarlett midi out.


But if I use Ableton as a master, then that will use up OT’s midi in port, and I won’t be able to send midi from the Blokeys to the OT in port.

Still need a midi thru box with this configuration, right?


Not with Blo out > Scarlet in, Scarlet out > OT in, OT out > Blo in


Thanks will try this!


This seems to be working, thanks! Saved me the $ of a midi thru box.


Actually - having tested this - it works in theory but not in practice. I had all manner of strange things happening - Blofeld programs seemingly randomly changing, feedback loops, and other glitches. Back to the midi thru box plan.


With Blo out -> Scarlet in, Scarlet out -> OT in,
OT out -> Blo in you could get a Midi loop the moment you arm a Midi Track that sends Midi to the OT.

Set the Midi Out for the Octa in Live’s Preferences to Sync only, deactivate Track and Remote.
Set the Midi In to Track and Remote.
Now Live is Clock Master and transmits Midi Start/Stop also, but you can record Midi from the Blofelds Keys and Octa in Live.
Also make sure the OT responds accordingly to Midi.

Hope I got that right…need more coffee…