MIDI Designer pro 2 issue

I recently acquired an vintage synth and found a nice layout in Midi designer app to control it via my IPad but I can’t get those control change happening form the controller to the synth.

Is anyone familiar with this app ?

I’m not asking about designing controller since I already found the adéquat layout, but basic midi routing and equipment needed.

I have routed via Midi WiFi the app to my Mac then send data via Ableton without success.
I also have connected the app directly via midi link midi from the IPad to the synth and it doesn’t change controls. I believed I have well set-up the synth to accept control changes.

I’ve used camera connection kit via usb midi , can’t recall using midi.

I’d check the settings within midi designer… and the midi output channel of the template. It might just expect to send out on midi 1 and your synth is on midi 2 ???

That’s basically what I’ve done first since I have a camera kit as well connected straight to the synth.
I’m wondering how to set the right midi channel on the app itself, I know how to change it on the synth since I can make my usb keyboard works already.