Midi controller + OT+A4+AR?

Just want to check if any of you have a midi controller connected to the trinity.
Would it be possible to control several of the Elektrons if I connect like this:

Novation Remote Zero mkIIOUT >> IN OctatrackOUT >> IN A4 **OUT >> IN AR OUT >> IN Novation SL Remote Zero MKII

Would it be possible to pick parameters from different machines and assign to controls on different pages?

Also you think the display can show knob names and such on the Novation display if you connect it in a chain like this ending with midi IN into the Novation?

It is theoretically possible to use a controller to control multiple units, but there is already a problem in your MIDI chain: you need to connect AF MIDI Thru to AR MIDI In.

In practice, it depends on exactly what kind of control you want to achieve and requires some care in setting MIDI channels correctly. (I haven’t checked the capabilities of the Remote Zero.)

What role does each of your Elektron instruments play in your set-up, how have you configured the MIDI settings on each, and what do you want to achieve with the RZ?

Check out using the OT as a midi control station, or whatever in the manual.
OT >> Zero >> OT >thru> A4 >thru> AR

Look at using the master midi channels on A4 and AR. You can use one channel number on an A4 but switch parts by selecting the voice button.

You can set up the different midi channels in OT to the master midi channel of A4 & AR. Then select that midi channel to control the A4 or AR.

I don’t know about knob names. If you keep it simple you won’t need this. I use my “midi controller” just for the keys. I can get more expression with keys on an external controller. I use the devices’ knobs instead of the midi controller since that seems more explicit.

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