MIDI controller for live performance


I’m thinking of getting a MIDI controller for the DT to make live jamming easier. Does anyone have experience with using the Faderfox UC4? I’m looking to mute tracks, and adjust filters. I’ve heard the Faderfox work best as they are fully assignable, but I’m happy to look at other controllers also. Cheers.

The UC4 is great. Great controller for the Digitakt.
There’s a thread about it here.

That thread pointed me to this, which is interesting. I like the idea of having more LFOs.


Launchpad Pro Mk3 and the abundance of customisation possible is definitely worth a look. Providing me with velocity-sensitive faders for the Octatrack, playing 64 samples on another page amongst other duties.

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Does this require a USB to MIDI converter?

The UC4 does not. It has Midi in/out. I use mine for OT and various other things. Hardest thing is remembering everything page to page. Solution there is to have a simplified workflow or not use too many pages.

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No. The Launchpad Pro Mk3 has MIDI-TRS ports x3 (1xIn and 2xOut) and comes with the little trs to midi adapters

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That makes it interesting. And you can customise it so any control can output any CC to any channel? Oooh.

You’re replying in thread rather than specific responses, so not sure which you’re asking.

The UC4 - yes. Every knob, fader, and button can be programmed to any channel - CC, PC, etc.

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I personally used my Arturia Keylab MKII. I used the First 8 pads to Mute things, the keyboard for playing stuff or enter Notes. The 2. 8 Pads I can do fingerdrumming in theory (I am really bad at this…)
Than I programmed a Fader for the Delay … und you have many faders and Knobs on this thing :slight_smile:

Slept on it, thinking it’s not just the 8 sample tracks I care about but some of the MIDI also. Thinking a Faderfox PC12 or similar may be the best option. That way I can have an external synth controlled via the Digitakt, controlled by the Faderfox. Something I struggle with now is nicely going from pattern to pattern, so having an external voice and maybe some textures playing while I switch would help there.

Pls is to try this with a Behringer Crave for cheap, and go from there.

Not easy figuring all this out :slight_smile:

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