Midi clock issues with MPC Live



So traded my Octatrack for an MPC live and really - its been causing nothing but trouble! Had to swap the first as it was faulty and now I’m having issues getting it to talk to the Rytm MKII.

I’ve checked and double checked that AR is set to receive clock and transport and the same goes for the MPC but I can’t for the life of me get the AR sequencer to start when I press play on the MPC. I swapped midi cables as well, that didn’t help. All other gear from the MPC seems to receive clock except for the AR. Most interestingly of all though - stop does work. So there is some data being sent. If I press play on the AR I can stop it with the MPC but I can’t get it to play.

Anyone else having a similar issue?


Clock AND transport?
Start is a common midi message.


Double check that you’ve enabled SEND MMC in Preferences Sync on the MPC Live. I have SEND MIDI Clock and SEND MMC enabled and SEND PORT 1 Midi Out A. Mine are connected via MIDI DIN cable.

My Analog Rytm MkII responds to Midi Machine Control (MMC) like I’d expect - i.e. it works.

If you get this to work, your next nightmare will be a fist fight with the AR mkII regarding how it treats received MIDI program changes - hint: I can’t get it to work reliably (and there’s 4-5 years of posts for the Analog Rytm with people being annoyed by their Program Change response. Still not resolved as far as I can tell)