Midi Channel - Splitting


I need to give a way of splitting l splitting the midi data being sent to the Digitone and my Access Virus.

The synths are shared between 2 Octatracks with a midi merge taking the midi from either machine and sending it on to the synths.

The problem is that I want the virus to run in sequencer mode as it’s super easy to select patches and interface with it that way. The only problem is that the virus continually listens to all 16 channels.

What I want to do is intervene after the midi merge and send only 8 channels to the virus and the other channels to the Digitone.

What do I need to do this. I’m sure I could do it with the laptop but I want a hardware box rather than Software.

Cheers for any ideas.



Not a direct answer to your question but have you tried using your Virus in multi mode.

When I was sequencing my Virus by the OT I always used multi mode. I found it easy to set the MIDI channels I wished to use and the patch for each part of the multi. Plus, changing OT patterns can change the multi if you want.


Cheers Stickhit.
I write eager to keep to sequencer mode; the patch selection is super straight forward and the OT quickly selects the patch. Other than the 16 channels being active, it really is a perfect way for me to work.


Have a look at the MIDI Solutions Router. It seems to have a filter function that does exactly what you’re looking for.


I don’t have one but I remember looking at it a while ago for a similar kind of setup.