MIDI CC control of the MS

Hi guys
I’m trying to get a good workflow for coupling the MS with the MPC LIVE.

I’ve so far tried recording audio clips as 1 or 2 bar samples into the MPC and know all about chopping samples etc. But this is not what I really want to create a full song. What I really want is the Elektron sequencer capabilities in the MPC live so I’m doing everything there in the box. I did toy with the pattern change function from the MPC (changing patterns in a song from the MPC to the MS) but it’s not very intuitive and is very fiddly. And you still have to program both machines!

So since MPC 2.6 software I have realised that the MPC Live has the ability now to send CC data on a per step basis and looking at the MS midi implementation chart I can see that all of my dreams are realised. I can control a host of MS parameters on a per step basis from the MPC.

Tonight I have, after some messing managed to send pitch data on a per step basis to the MS. So I’m running a simple 1 bar drum pattern on the MPC sending per step pitch changes (CC16) to the MS. Pretty exciting stuff (I’m easily pleased).

However I cant seem to send any meaningful chance data (CC14) to the MS, it has zero effect.

By my rationale I wouldn’t expect the MS to respond to the logical probability functions (1/2. 2/2. 1/3. 2/3. 3/3) data etc as I would imagine they are tied to the MS internal sequencer and remember I’m not actually using the MS sequencer here, everything is happening in the MPC sequencer. But I would perhaps expect the MS to respond to the % chance values ( 0% to 100%) but I’m getting no response from the MS. If the chance function is on MIDI CC 14 then surely it must work in some way?

Any ideas or observations please?

Thanks Jamie