MIDI CC control no longer works in newer firmwares

Hi all!

I have an Analog Rytm Mk1, and have for some time used a Faderfox UC4 controller to control verb/delay sends, Performance levels, and switch between Scenes.

As of a couple of months ago (perhaps after one of the recent FW updates), it’s stopped responding to all CC inputs. I’ve double-checked that all my assignments are correct on the UC4, and that “Receive MIDI CC/NRPN” is enabled on the AR.

The Faderfox MIDI out is known good (and has been tested on other devices), as is the MIDI input on the AR. Multiple cables have been tried, as well.

Still, nothin’ doin’. Does anyone have any idea what might be causing this, or how to fix it? The AR really opens up with some external MIDI control, and my sets are missing this flexibility a lot.

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