Midi Bank Select (outgoing)


No , in my studio , my DSI prophet 08 respond perfectly to the octatrack bank change sending !

But to use CC for changing , now I know the procedure :
The forst thing to remember is that you have FIRST to send a midi bank chane and AFTER send a PRG change . Otherwise , if bankchang andprgchang are sent at the same time , it will not work.
So , all you have to do is sending a CC0 with a value of 0 and a CC32 with of value of the corresponding number of bank you want to send; Then you send a program change .
You are obliged to send a prg change if you want to see your synth changing bank , and I have also noticed that this prg chang has to be different.

hope it helps


That helped tremendously !, thanks a lot. I gave up on the internal sequencer - with the OT it works now a lot better.


Found this topic through the search-function, I’m still having issues when trying to send a bank & programchange from my OT to my Nord Lead A1r. Just a program change will work fine, however when trying to switch to a different bank and program within that bank, it doesn’t work.

I am aware this is an old issue (also sent a support ticket about it) but maybe someone has found a workaround? Did you manage to solve this issue?

Thinking about buying a MIDI-solutions eventprocessor to convert MSB/LSB messages so that I can do a proper bankchange, but this is really a last option, since they are not cheap.


Tell me are you trying to swap banks inside a pattern?

I’ve got quite a few synths with brains inside and they all respond fine to program and bank changes.

I just use a new pattern each change I desire, can it not do that? Daft question but you’ve got the correct midi settings confirmed on the OT ?


Hey thanks for your reply!

I’m trying to swap banks by moving to another part on the OT, not during a pattern. I’m aware this is something the OT cannot do… Only a part-change will enable me to do a programchange. My midi-settings are correct, I can send a program-change within the same bank on my synth, but when I also want to change banks on my Nord Lead it messes things up. It just goes to a random bank or doesn’t change banks at all.

What I also tried was P-locking a bank change through CC at the end of my pattern before switching to a new part on the OT and then followed by a program change, that works 50% of the time, but still unreliable for live-gigging…


@Klinq … I found the bank change buggy on both the nord modular g1 and the nord rack 2 among other synths.
My workaround was to copy all performance patches to the first bank and stay there during performance…


Yeah, that would probably be the best workaround… However it forces me to think about which patches to use before starting something (and being really carefull not to overwrite something used elsewhere) and may hinder the creative process…

I think I will try the midi-solutions eventprocessor, that should enable me to do a proper bank-change from the OT. I also read it can be setup so you can use the OT fader on midi-cc’s :slight_smile:

Thanks for the replies!


Advices to check Bank and Prog Change send :
You can send them by double click on stop.
Check it with a midi monitor (ex miditest on pc, midipal, midibud…)
IMPORTANT : The Ot send midi messages only once if they are similar. That’s why it doesn’t work everytime. You have to change settings to send it again, or 2 clic on stop for Bank + PC.

I use Event Processor Plus, that allows me to convert any CC to any PC. Random PC kingdom !



Did the Eventprocessor Plus solve the issue for you? Is it reliable to convert the messages the OT sends to a synth to do a proper bank & prgm change (without having to double press stop on the OT?)


Still curious to know if the Event Processor fixed the problem for you?
Especially how reliable it would be in a live-situation when doing Bank/Program changes from the Octatrack to external Synths… Thanks!


Sorry I missed you’re previous post.
Yeah it works great with Ep+. Never had and issue.
Another use : I mapped notes messages to Pc for my Blofeld, so at each different note, I have a different sound. Great for drums. :thup:


That eases the mind :slight_smile:


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Change Kit or Sound via MIDI message?

Got the original problem where the peak doesn’t seem to change banks - even with cc32 set…only with the OT rather than DT. Anyone managed to get bank control of the Peak with any Elektron gear?


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Hey @sezare56
Coming back to this topic. Do you think with the Event processor I could send midi notes that trigger a sound of my norddrum 2 but also change Programs and/or even banks? No experience with this. Or p-lock, or even lfo PCs?
Was very jealous when I heard you can plock them on the DT…


Yeah you can map any midi message to up to 32 “simultaneous” messages of any kind, even SYSEX.

RK002, Bomebox work for that too.

Now I have a MD for that. :wink:
MD + A4’s Multi Map for drums : :heart_eyes:


Nice. Congrats.
I want a MD as well :smiley: Then I could live without MIDI processor.
Does the midi event processor also work after a midi thru box?


Not sure it works after a thru box, if that thru box don’t have midi powered outputs.


Ok. Have to look. The thru box is also from Midi solutions…
Did you buy MD UW or without UW?

So you have the event processor plus… Do you think the normal would fit my needs?