Midi advice (automate mutes/solos/fader)


Great, thanks for the run down. Ill try this when Im next with my OT, fingers crossed it works !

Don’t suppose you have any idea if recording the scene sliders midi data to a plays free midi track in the OT is possible do you? Not because im against using my computer, im more worried about sync drift problems.


You wont reach DAW levels but if you really want to get perfect mixes then the tedious way would work. Personally, I use the OT for live sketching, instant gratification and not too fussed about the mixdown - it’s quite easy to get 80% of the way there just using your ears without to much post processing.

Personal opinion: don’t let it get in the way of your creativity, OT is IMMENSE fun… :slight_smile:


The magic that comes out of the OT when your not thinking about anything else and just using it in my opinion far outweighs a little better sound quality. Even using master out recording can get great results and the vibe of the free flow can move you in ways that enhance your performance more than sound quality… People in dance clubs in general can’t tell how you mastered your track, and as long as the tracks hot, the’ll dance just the same to various mixdown versions…