MID Machine - Track effects window - CC1d, CC1v? Why those names?

I have a huge affiliation to the machinedrum. I have this idea, that learning from using an older machine, will make it easier to understand the design of the newer machine.

I’m doing some studies with the MID-machine. I have next to no experience with MIDI, and know very little about the history and implementation.

And now to the question.

On the MID-machine track effects window, the parameters are named “CC1D”, “CC1V” up to “CC6D” “CC6V”.

“CC” must be shorthand for “Control Change”.

“V” could be shorthand for “Value”

“D” is shorthand for “Decimal”? Or “Message”?

Please enlighten me :slight_smile:


I don’t know what D stands for but it’s the CC number.

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You do have the option of reading the manual, which describes the operation of the instrument, if not all the details.

CC1D is the CC Data or number being controlled. CC1V is clearly the value attributed to CC1D that you’re controlling. As @PeterHanes suggested, the information is in the manual :).

I don’t own an MD but I was able to find that with a quick skim of the manual. It doesn’t explicitly state what D and V mean but through a quick read, their meanings can be extrapolated pretty easily. :wink:

Thanks :slight_smile:

I do know how it works. My question was really only about the naming. But my own conclusion is that the “D” is for decimal.


D is more likely ‘data’. CC values are from 0 to 127. As CC1D refers to its corresponding parameter slot, the D is almost certainly the data value of the underlying CC it is controlling. There are no decimals that I’m aware of in the MIDI CC implementation.

My thoughts anyway :slight_smile:

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