Mid keyboard not triggering anymore the digitone with

I have the latest version of overbridge, and it seems that my midi keyboard is not sending messages anymore to the digitone.

I turned on the device, started digitone standalone app on my win computer and in the settings, picked the midi keyboard, but no sound is played when I use the keyboard.

Did you double check all your midi channels are correct on the keyboard as well as the MIDI settings for the tracks on the Digitone?

Yep, I disconnected everything, so there is only the digitone usb connected to the computer, beside the midi keyboard.
I have loaded the default project with the test patterns to check this out, and it still won’t work when I run Digitone app as standalone. The keyboard was working just fine with the previous build of overbridge, and it works fine as midi keyboard; so the issue seems to be overbridge at this point.

Quick update, I am using a keylab MK2 instead of the Akai and when I am in my DAW, I can hear sound coming from the Digitone when I play the keylab.
Although when I open just Overbridge, no sound is coming, even if I select the keylab as midi device in the options.

I am really wasting more time than I should, to get this to work honestly. I may just use plain midi for the digitone, since all I need is to play each track in my daw, and don’t care to change parameters in the VST, I do that on the device itself if I need to.