Metronom no Signal Out

Don´t no what happend. I can´t hear the Metronom of my Digitone anymore. In the Metronom settings, metronom is active and volume is on but I can´t hear any signal. Has anyone an Idea? Maybe any options in Overbridge witch can mute the metronom or something like that? FW 1.21

I had this happen to me before when I was running through my daw(Ableton) as soon as i closed it my metronome start working again. But with just OB running it seems to work great no problems there. If your running through a daw try and close it to see if maybe that’s the issue.

Thanks, but there is no difference if I run it without the DAW. Can´t hear the metronom.

Assuming you’re running the DN tracks as separate tracks in the DAW via overbridge, do you also have your master track routed and active in your DAW? As far as I know, the Metronome is on the master track.