Merry Christmas! (What gifts did you get?)


Also treated myself to a the sounds straight away. Definitely a keeper. Merry Xmas everyone


Great to see a fellow ob6 owner, I could marry mine!


Uli Claus visited! My new little friend got a friend too!


Hah, maybe the only wife we need for now :joy:


merry christmas everyone. nothing to do with christmas but last night i had my first longer session with my brandnew DFAM and Keystep = holy techno night :wink:


is the model D larger than the neutron? or just optical illusion.


Optical Illusion. Its an Edge sticking Out.


I’ll have to double check when I’m home? Off memory I want to say it’s somewhat of an illusion. The D is deeper and and fatter in general, but the Neutron is wider? But I thought they were both supposed to fit in Euro rack? I have no problem using either though and the knobs feel great. Both are very solid builds.

I’ll get back to you later to confirm… :joy:


This year I was given Autotune Pro. :heart_eyes::robot::+1:


Santa brought me a monitor for the studio PC so I can finally get it incorporated into the mix


Last few years I’ve tried really hard to stop any gift giving coming my way, but dad couldn’t resist and gave me a (very nice I should add) blue striped shirt. Unfortunately I do not wear blue, or oxford shirts for that matter. Bless his heart.

For myself I bought a license for Fabfilter Pro-Q3. I’ve never been so excited for an EQ plugin before.


I stated that this was the last year I would accept presents.
I received beer and wine though, so that doesn’t really count as items of pure consumption in my mind.

Got myself a Qu24 and a Phantom 4 Pro+ a month ago…
And an OB-6 is slowly on its way…


Awww thanks! When I originally saw the OP’s post I was so excited. I even told the wife “Oh wow, this guy got an OB6 for Xmas!”

Nothing in the world can touch this thing.
I was wondering, do you @stephenb and @danieldonahue have a specific line of effects for it?



It’s all about coming home folks, merry Christmas elektronaughts.


My partner got me piano lessons through a local Detroit music shop (Third Wave Music - check them out if you’re in Detroit) and I got her a class package from an aerial/trapeze studio (plus a few other little things).

I’m stoked - maybe I’ll finally learn to play in a few more keys rather than playing everything in C or C minor and then transposing.


I got a gaming chair and this one


Soooooo jealous. Please post some samples of those variable state filter sweeps when you can.


A hometrainer is that running or cycling?

Did you test it already?

I am actually looking into getting a treadmill. Gained some weight since I became a father a few years ago and the time has come to at least half that extra weight. I love running though, it’s just a time consuming thing and I want to test if I can make it work to run in house.


Its Like a bicycle without wheels. Nothing fancy, just to give me the Chance to excercise a bit more than nothing. I have the Same Problem as you …since i became a father, i turned into a fat Couch potatoe. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: