Meris Polymoon MIDI synced with Digitone?


I’d like to clock-sync my Meris Polymoon with my Digitone, and I’d like to avoid buying the $100 midi box from Meris.
I searched the forum and found the beautiful sounds from @dustmotes but he doesn’t seem to sync the Meris with the Digitone.

So, I’ve found this cable from Disaster area :
They say in the description : “This cable requires pin 2 of your controller’s MIDI output to be earthed / grounded.
Is it the case? I couldn’t find anything in the manual.

Has somebody tried this cable before?


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I did some tests with my Mercury pedal. With an 5pin Din midi to trs adapter from Akai, i got midi into the Mercury. So i guess if you use a Novation adapter i would get midi out. Meris is a bit different than synth manufacturer in that they are both sending and recieving midi over 1 trs connection. Im not shure if it is safe to do what i did, as it would mean that midi is sent to the “midi out” part of the pedal as well as the input. Or atleast i think it does. Its been a little while since i read up on the subject.

I´m really curious on how the midi sync is implemented on the Polymoon pedal. I´m looking to get one as i want midi synced delay.

Not attempted MIDI sync here, lacking the cables. Would be interesting though. I just use Tap Tempo :grinning:

IIRC the midi standart requires pin 2 to be grounded on a midi output.

Maybe just write an email to Elektron if you can’t meassure yourself :slight_smile:

Alright, just in case somebody’s willing to do that later.
Clock-sync and CC controls work just fine, from the Digitone to the Meris Polymoon, using a very simple MIDI5 to jack cable. That’s what I bought :

I’ll programm all the ALT-functions on Digitone’s knobs, so I’ll know where I am at for both the MAIN and the ALT functions at the same time.
I’ll still be able to set one on the MAIN function on one of the free know in case I want to assign the LFO.



How does the midi sync work? Is the sync taking “control” and the time knob works as a divider?

The time knob can’t work if you send midi clock from the Digitone. Everytime you move the time knob, the time division is brought back to 1/1 after half a second.
Since Digitone is clock slave from my DAW, what I usually do is when I start a session, I activate the clock send on the digitone, wait two secondes, and disable the clock send.
So the pedal is sync and I can move the time knob later if I’m willing to.
Hope I was clear enough.

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yes but so… It’s not synced anymore :confused: ?
what the interest ?

Really ? All CCs are accessible and working with just this cable ?

Yes. I use the 6 main functions with the Polymoon knobs, the 6 alt functions with Digitone knobs, and assign LFOs to whatever I want. That’s what you get for 2,17€.

The only issue is (and it’s the same issue with any other MIDI gear since it seem to be coming from the Elektron gear), the new info are not sent when you change pattern. You have to move the knobs for at least 1 point of value for the change to happen on the pedal. Seems like when you change pattern, no information is sent from the previous state to the other.

Well… if you move the time knob, you’re not sync anymore, that’s the point, right?
If you want to be back on track, just set the clock send on for two secs.

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So you sequence with some CCplocks ? Does the digitone midi plock ?
Seems to be nice, I will buy it.

Thats too bad. Would have loved if the time knob did different resolutions but still synced.

But i guess you get different delays with the multi knobs, so i might be able to work with that.

Getting one next weekend to match my Mercury7.

Yeah that’s a weird omission on a delay pedal actually. As a comparison on the Arp section of the Moog Sub 37: when it is synced to midi clock, the timing goes through all kinds of subdivisions which is just how you want it to be (the arp on the sub 37 is the best I’ve encountered ever actually).

My BAM delay unit also could do just one division at a time when synced to midi clock, which is why I sold it.

Surprised to hear the BAM is like that too. Well, ill find a way. Maybe i just have to write down what midi cc value that equals to what bpm, and sync it that way! hehe.

yes but the multi are just Delay rythm/repetitions increase, perso I only use 3 positions :confused:

I see that there is a midi cc value for time, and a different midi cc value for tempo. Does anyone know the difference?

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The P-locks work just great.
The issue is just concerning the pattern changing and FUNC+NO pattern reloading.

I have absolutely no clue. :thinking:

From the manual it seems like the tempo CC value sets the delay time in milliseconds. So a value of 120 is 1200ms. Seems easy enough to get the correct bpm by calculating bpm to ms. Well, ill try it out when i get one. Just curious if one overrides the other.

Have you tried using the midi CC 14 for expression? Does it do the two setting fade as if you use a proper expression pedal?