Meris Polymoon MIDI synced with Digitone?


I’d like to clock-sync my Meris Polymoon with my Digitone, and I’d like to avoid buying the $100 midi box from Meris.
I searched the forum and found the beautiful sounds from @dustmotes but he doesn’t seem to sync the Meris with the Digitone.

So, I’ve found this cable from Disaster area :
They say in the description : “This cable requires pin 2 of your controller’s MIDI output to be earthed / grounded.
Is it the case? I couldn’t find anything in the manual.

Has somebody tried this cable before?


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I did some tests with my Mercury pedal. With an 5pin Din midi to trs adapter from Akai, i got midi into the Mercury. So i guess if you use a Novation adapter i would get midi out. Meris is a bit different than synth manufacturer in that they are both sending and recieving midi over 1 trs connection. Im not shure if it is safe to do what i did, as it would mean that midi is sent to the “midi out” part of the pedal as well as the input. Or atleast i think it does. Its been a little while since i read up on the subject.

I´m really curious on how the midi sync is implemented on the Polymoon pedal. I´m looking to get one as i want midi synced delay.

Not attempted MIDI sync here, lacking the cables. Would be interesting though. I just use Tap Tempo :grinning:

IIRC the midi standart requires pin 2 to be grounded on a midi output.

Maybe just write an email to Elektron if you can’t meassure yourself :slight_smile:

Alright, just in case somebody’s willing to do that later.
Clock-sync and CC controls work just fine, from the Digitone to the Meris Polymoon, using a very simple MIDI5 to jack cable. That’s what I bought :

I’ll programm all the ALT-functions on Digitone’s knobs, so I’ll know where I am at for both the MAIN and the ALT functions at the same time.
I’ll still be able to set one on the MAIN function on one of the free know in case I want to assign the LFO.


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