Meris Hedra

There’s not a dedicated Hedra thread, though there’s a random Meris stuff and another Enzo thread.

Thought I’d bring it home.

Who has one, and has successfully gotten the re-pitching with midi notes to work?

I’m using the Morningstar MC6mkII as my MIDI to TRS interface, and can get clock and CC to work, but no dice on the vocoder-like re-pitching.

Outside of that, this thing is really fun. The tracking is dead on, and the delayed rhythms make it fun to create stuff I didn’t think about. The user interface is very fast, unlike my experience with the H9, though there’s some PitchFactor crossover… it’s still its own thing!


For those (like me) who were thinking the Meris whatnow? :slight_smile:


Been after one for ages now but never taken the plunge. Did get offered a used one but I’m damned if I’m paying £20 less than a new one. I thought it might be fun with an 0-coast

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I’ve got it going on my saxophone, but the 0-coast is a use case.

Check out this video using a Grandmother’s mono plus midi to achieve a 3-note polyphony.

I’m thinking if I send my Keystep midi notes to 0-coast (tuned properly) and Hedra, I can achieve a similar thing. After I get the re-pitching working, of course.


Anybody tried to run a 303 through this pedal yet?

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I once tried to make a track using just this and a drumbrute once… turning drum sounds into chords etc… it came out pretty awful, but that was entirely my fault.

It’s definitely a fun box, but it definitely seems more of a put it on a desk and tweaking kind of thing, otherwise you have to go to a fair bit of effort to get midi or presets into it…

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