Melody with a single sampled note


Hi all !
When i want to sequence a melody with a single sample, (e.g a C note), i notice that the quality (and length) change if i’m going far away from the initial note. I know that it’s normal but how should i do to keep the quality ?
Sample a range of notes seems to be an option but is there another simplest method?


it think in some cases it sounds cool, but if you want to keep the quality I would add some C note samples in higher and lower octaves


I don’t think there is another option besides sampling more notes. DT doesn’t do timestretching so it just plays the sample quicker or slower depending on which direction you’re going. You could mitigate the length issue when playing the sample slower by adjusting the decay parameter.


thx unifono and anokah.
I will try to sample several C notes ! :slight_smile:


When using a single sample I usually try to pick a pretty long/sustained note, then I set a loop point near the end of the sample. This way as it plays up and down on the DT the speed fluctuating isn’t as noticable. It takes some finessing but works decently. Add a little delay and reverb and you’re rockin’.


Yeah, good idea ! As i notice, it’s very destructive if i go far away from the inital C note (maybe 3-4 semitones max) In this case, it could be tricky to play chromatically with the DT…
Do you sample several notes if you want to play a melody on a wide octave range ?


Hmm, to be truthful my melodies rarely leave the octave I started in. Maybe between two octaves max. I haven’t personally tried using multiple C samples as you’d have to P-Lock them into the different steps after live recording, which seems a bit tedious to me. That would be your best bet though if you need to play more than one octave.


Hello! Have you already tried to make a fake synth with looping single cylce waveforms? That should give decent quality.


yes and it rocks !! but with other longer samples … no :slight_smile: